Affirmation - Every Day In Every Way I Am Getting Healthier

Every Day In Every Way I Am Getting Healthier

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This affirmation – Every Day in Every Way I Am Getting Healthier – was derived from another affirmation that I learned. And that was – Every Day in Every Way I Am Getting Better and Better.

You will be surprised by how I learned this affirmation. I share about this further down this article.

I will also share how to use this affirmation to help you manifest good health.

How I Learned This Affirmation?

Many years ago, a very good friend of mine was away from home very often. His work involved helping third world countries. And he traveled a lot.

His elderly mother lived alone, and he asked me to drop by once in a while. To see if she needed any help. Also, to keep her company.

During one of the visits, his mother and I were having a very lovely chat. Then the subject came to the topic of my struggle with career and earning a decent income.

Back then, I was going through a tough period. The economy was in recession. I was unable to find a job. My savings were drying up.

His mother knew of my predicament. And she shared with me an affirmation. She said that every day she would sit in front of a mirror. Looked at her self closely. Then said these words, “Every Day in Every Way I Am Getting Better and Better.”

Smile in front of mirror

As she shared with me about this, she acted out the way she said the affirmation. She even waved her hands over her head and down to her sides as she said the affirmation.

Since I learned about this affirmation, I have practiced it every day. And my life has improved much since. In time, I modified the affirmation to suit my desires.

This affirmation – Every Day in Every Way I Am Getting Healthier – is one of the many modifications. And it has helped me a lot in my life.

I am sure it will help you too.

How You Can Use This Affirmation?

Whenever I say this and many of my other affirmations, I do it in a calm and meditative mode. So, I do highly recommend you do the same.

You can either do meditation before saying your affirmations or it can even be getting ready for a prayer. Here is a meditation to help you get into a meditation mode. Click on the image below to read and learn how to do it.

What is Breath Meditation and How to Practice It?
What is Breath Meditation and How to Practice It? Click above image to learn and practice it.

When you say the affirmation, visualize yourself happy and healthy. If you can, recall a time when you are in perfect health.

Or you can say it in front of a mirror. Smile and be happy as you say this affirmation. Just like how my friend’s mother taught me.

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I wish you good health, wealth and love.

Flowing Love Meditation for Inner Peace and Well-Being

3 thoughts on “Every Day In Every Way I Am Getting Healthier”

  1. Timotheus,
    What a beautiful story. I loved reading it.
    The affirmation is awesome. I want to use it from now on.
    Thank you so much for sharing the story and affirmation.

    All the best,

    1. Thank you, Pernilla! All my articles here have stories of my personal experience. It makes the posts more personal, don’t you think?

      I am so happy and grateful that you will use this affirmation from now on. Please do come back often whenever you need good and positive inspiration.


  2. Health is an important factor in life and as I get older I think about it even more. Thank you for sharing this affirmation and plan to add it to my affirmations that I have been trying to say on a daily basis. This website is great and I have been learning so much.

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