Affirmation - I Have True Love

I Have True Love

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Affirmation - I Have True Love
Affirmation – I Have True Love

This affirmation has helped me to attract my true love into my life. We have been happy together ever since. And I truly would like the same to happen to you.

The words are few. It is kept simple and true. Just say it once in the morning after you wake up. And one more time before you sleep.

During the day, when you have negative thoughts, recite this phrase again. Do it until you only have this thought in your mind.

When you say this affirmation, imagine you and your true love together. Find a photo of someone whom you find attractive. Of course, you may not attract the exact person. This is so that the Universe has an idea of your ideal type.

See the both of you living a loving and wonderful life together. See the both of you having a loving relationship. Visualize the fun things you would do together. The special moments both of you celebrate. The fun holidays you would both be enjoying. Paint as detailed a picture as you can.

At the same time, feel it. Feel the happiness when you are with your true love. Feel the love of every moment you see happening in your life. And see it as if it has already happened.

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