Coronavirus Crisis - Good Things That Happened Part 3

Coronavirus Crisis – Good Things That Happened Part 3

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Hello again, and welcome. I continue this series with the article on Coronavirus Crisis – Good Things That Happened Part 3. As mentioned in the previous Part 1 and Part 2, the idea of this series to focus on all the good and positive things happening in this world.

Sure, I am aware that there are a lot of negativity during this pandemic. But I prefer to focus on all that is good. That is what this website is all about.

It is hoped that people who visit posiTVty, will read all the good things, and have good thoughts. Thoughts create things. And when you think good thoughts, and feel good, your world becomes better.

It is especially good for your health. And good health is so important now duirng the coronavirus crisis.

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Let’s continue with the good news.

Dolphins Swim in Bioluminescence

While this is not Covid-19 related, it still is something good that happened during the pandemic. And the magical luminescence makes it worth mentioning. After all, that is the goal of this website, to share good things that happened.

In this story, we have a group of dolphins gliding through the waters at Newport Beach. And they glow with a blue neon light while doing that. It is truly mesmerizing to watch.

What Is The Bioluminescence?

Turns out that the bioluminescence is a rare phenomenon. It has been happening along the California coast for years. Check out the video below for how the waters glow in bright electric neon blue as the waves crash onto the shores.

Air Pollution In India 20-Year Low

As many cities in the world are in quarantine, the lockdown has resulted in improved air quality. India is one of the cities that used to be one of the world’s most polluted cities

Covid-19 lockdown has cleared the roads. Factories were closed. Cars were kept off the roads. And airplanes were grounded. All these have led to dramatic reductions in air pollution.

In many parts of the country, blue skies were restored and clean air returned. For example, people are now breathing cleaner air in New Delhi. It used to be one of the most polluted cities in the world.

Environmental activists hope the Indian government will take note of the change and rethink policies on emissions and industrial development.

“By lowering air pollution levels we can help the most vulnerable in their fight against this and any possible future pandemics.”

Anumita Roy Chowdhury, Executive Director for Research and Advocacy Centre For Science and Environment

Healthcare Heroes Surprised With Free Groceries

I’m not crying. You’re crying.

This story really touched my heart. Southeastern Grocers in the United States wanted to show their gratitue to all the heroes working on the front lines. So, they had a dedicated shopping hour for healthcare professionals and first responders.

When the front liners came to shop, the brand surprised them. All thousands of community heroes were give free groceries.

Southeastern Grocers owns all BI-LO, Fresco y Mas, Harveys Supermarket and Winn-Dixie stores. The owners were inspired by filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry.

Perry surprised Winn-Dixie customers in Louisiana by paying for groceries during senior and high-risk shopping hour. He had asked others to do the same, and pay it forward.

And now, Southeastern Grocers encouraged others to do the same.

Fill The Bellies Of Those Saving Lives

More good things for health professionals. In this story, two restaurant owners teamed up to give free meals to unemployed restaurant workers, and kids out of school.

The two businesses, Matta and Jojo, now deliver free food to healthcare workers. Soon after, more restaurants joined this initiative. Watch the full video below to find out what are the restaurants, and how they are feeding our heroes.

New Mum Meets Baby After Coma

Congratulations to new mother, Yanira Soriano. She had a serious case of Covid-19. And they had to medically induce her into a coma.

After 11 days, she miraculously recovered. During her release from the hospital in a wheelchair, dozens of health care workers applauded her recovery.

And then came the magical moment. Her husband was there, and he gently handed her their baby boy, Walter. It was the first time she met her son.

Black Baby Goat Born

This may not be big news, but remember the purpose of posiTVty. Remember the Anne Murray song? The lyrics said it would be nice to see news of just some good things happening in the world. It could be how we cleaned out the air. Or just a county fair.

And here it is. A nice story from a friend of mine. She shared this on Facebook. And they were not even expecting any kids. So, the little black cute baby is a pleasant surprise.

A blue eyed black buckling. Isn’t he adorable?

Black Goat Born
Black Goat Born

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Let us all keep thinking positive thoughts with visualization of a world where everyone is healthy and happy.

Did you like our Good News article – Coronavirus Crisis – Good Things That Happened Part 3? Or have any question regarding anything mentioned in this article, ANY at all, please feel free to ask by adding a comment below. I will be more than happy to help.

I wish you good health, wealth and love.

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