Transparent Solar Panels Turn Windows into Green Energy Collectors

Transparent Solar Panels Will Turn Windows into Green Energy Collectors

This is Good News! And so cool! I stumbled upon this article earlier this year. And shared it on Facebook. Today, I would like to share this good news here.

A group of researchers have developed Transparent Solar Panels that Will Turn Windows into Green Energy Collectors! How did these Michigan State University researchers achieve it? Read on to find out. There is even a video to explain it all 

Transparent Solar Panels – The Video

Watch this video from Michigan State University about their creation. In the description of this video, the university stated the following:

Imagine a city that’s actually a vast solar energy harvesting system. A team of Michigan State University researchers has developed a technology that can turn transparent surfaces, from building windows to cell phones, into solar collecting surfaces – without obstructing the view. – from YouTyube description by Michigan State University

What is Solar Power?

So, what is solar power? To be honest, I have absolutely no idea before writing this article. Now, while not an expert, I can share with you what I found out.

What is Solar Power?
What is Solar Power

It is basically electricity created by converting energy from sunlight. And how is that done?

Well, there are these photons, also known as particles of light, that knock electrons free from the atoms. That activity will generate a flow of electricity.  This is called the photovoltaic effect. Also called PV.

An example of the use of this effect is the calculator powered by a single solar cell. 

Another form of solar power can be create using concentrated solar power. This is achieved by using lenses or mirrors to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam. This then is used to generate electricity from conventional steam-driven turbines.

What Are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are actually made of many small photovoltaic cells. They are linked together to create a solar panel.

These solar cells are made of silicon, phosphorous and boron. Check out the video below for more info.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

 All right. I am no expert. I will let the expert in this video to explain it all.

Now that you have watched the video. And so did I. I believe I kind of understand how it works.

The solar panels convert light from the sun into electricity. The photons strike the surface of the solar panel, and then knocks the electrons out of the atoms. This creates the electricity. As mentioned above, this is the photovoltaic effect.

Besides the flat solar panels, there are new inventions that are being discovered. Here is one about Spin Cell technology.

What are the Benefits of Solar Power?

The benefits of solar power are many and long term. Here are a few:

Unlimited Source of Energy

As long as the sun continues to shine, we get more than enough energy for the whole world. It won’t run out like fossil fuels.

Clean Energy

There are no greenhouse gas emissions when creating this form of energy.

Renewable Energy

Carbon Dioxide Free

There are no harmful emissions released into the air when electricity is produced.

Low Operational Costs

After installation, operational costs are low compared to other forms of generating power. Plus, fuel is not required.

The above benefits are truly convincing. I believe more countries and cities should use solar power. What about you?

What Is This Transparent Solar Panel?

The research team at Michigan State University has managed to create a solar panel that is totally transparent. The applications of such a type of solar panel are many. They can be used in architecture, mobile electronics, and even the automotive industry.

They used a transparent luminescent solar concentrator for these solar panels. It is also called TLSC. This is placed over a clear surface, for example a window. This TLSC can harvest the solar energy.

The technology uses a form of organic molecules. These molecules can absorb light wavelengths such as infrared and ultraviolet red light. The captured light is then converted to electricity using photovoltaic solar cells.

This technology is awesome as it can be used on tall glass windows, glass towers, and many other building facades. It will not affect the design of the building architecture. As such, besides the use on new buildings, this technology can be used on old buildings too!

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2 thoughts on “Transparent Solar Panels Will Turn Windows into Green Energy Collectors”

  1. This is great news, many times my husband and I have thought about installing solar power for home, so that we can be more sustainable on our own. So far this day has not come yet but with the new technology we could just have the windows in our home collect the power instead of the big ugly rooftop solar panels. I think this will be a big advantage going forward into the future. This is a great advancement and hopefully soon everyone will have their own power saving money on the cost of electricity and also saving the world from pollutants.

    1. I totally agree with you, Dena. Having these panels that can be windows can enable us to save money for electricity and maintain aesthetics and beauty for our homes.

      I truly hope your husband and you can explore this, and get these panels soon.

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