How to Manifest with The Law of Attraction?

How to Manifest with The Law of Attraction?

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The year was 2006. Together with a few like-minded friends, we watched the movie – The Secret. After nearly two hours (ok, we had a few breaks, haha), we learned from the teachers in the movie about How to Manifest with The Law of Attraction?

Watching The Secret with friends
Watching The Secret with friends

It was fun watching The Secret with friends who were spiritual and who also believed in working with energy. After watching, we discussed about what we learned from the teachers in the movie. We were all excited, and keen to practice what we have learned. And to get our heart’s desires as soon as possible.

Today, slightly more than 14 years later, I realized how naive we were. The Secret was only the beginning. Since then, I have learned more about manifesting with The Law of Attraction.

This article is part of a series of articles where I share my over 12 years of experience of manifestation. If you are new to this concept, I suggest that you read my Ultimate Guide to Manifestation first. If you are familiar with manifesting or prefer to just focus on this topic, please continue reading.

What is The Law of Attraction?

In The Secret book and movie, it was revealed that The Secret was not something new. According to the author, it has been around since ancient times. But it was all kept a secret.

When Was The Law of Attraction Introduced?

Since that fateful evening, through my years of research and learning, I found out that The Law of Attraction started to enter the mainstream in 1906. A man named William Walker Atkinson wrote a book that was titled ‘Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World’.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla, inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist

He was an attorney, merchant, publisher, author, an occultist, and the founder of the New Thought movement back in those days. He spoke about vibrations and emphasized the importance of the power of love to help manifest things.

I found a video on YouTube featuring his book. This is awesome! You can watch and find out more about his book in the video below:

What Other Books Talked About The Law of Attraction?

Since then, more literature were published about The Law of Attraction. Some were obvious about the topic. Some were subtle because back in those days people who discussed about stuff like this were severely frowned upon.

Nevertheless, we are blessed because today these books are accepted and widely available. I have read many including the famous The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Delois Wattles, and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

I have also found a video on YouTube that featured Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Please enjoy watching:

What Did The Secret Teach Us?

And of course, fast forward to a hundred years later from the year Walter Walker Atkinson introduced us to The Law of Attraction, we have The Secret. If you have not watched the movie or read the book, I highly recommend that you do.

Basically, The Secret taught that Thoughts Create Things. The reason is because of one of the Laws of The Universe – The Law of Attraction. When we think of bad or negative thoughts, we attract the bad or negative thing. When we think of good or positive thoughts, we attract the good and positive thing.

As such, when we desire to manifest lots of money, a successful career, our true love, and many other good things into our lives, we must think good thoughts. Together with positive emotions and strong belief, the thing we think about becomes reality.

And that was what The Secret shared. Of course, as you know by now, and I have mentioned this, over the years I have realized that what The Secret taught was really basic level information. There is so much more to know in order to be successful at manifestation.

How to Manifest with The Law of Attraction?

Now, I present the steps to manifest using The Law of Attraction. These steps are based on what I have learned over the past 14 years. And they have worked. I have many things that I desired manifested into my life. I still use these steps to keep manifesting more.

Step 1 – Set a Goal

The idea with the Law of Attraction is the you attract something that your heart desires. It can be an object, an item, an event, anything. The important thing to know is that you must be clear on what this thing you wish to attract into your life is.

Set a Goal and Move Towards It
Set a Goal and Move Towards It

For example, if you wish to manifest a new home, then you must be clear on what this new home is. How large is this house? Is it by the sea? Or in the city? How many rooms are there in this house? Think of as many details as you can.

Then think of when you would like to own this house? By the end of this year? In 2 years’ time? Be specific.

The idea is to set the end result in mind. What you intend to manifest and have in your life, and by when?

Have you ever tell yourself that you must wake up by a certain time, say 6 am, the next day? You do this before you sleep. Then you fall asleep. And before you know it, either just a minute before 6 am or exactly at 6 am, you wake up. Even before the alarm goes off.

That is an example of manifestation. And proof that you can manifest. And also an example of you setting a goal on what you wish to happen.

Step 2 – Ask

The next step to manifestation is to Ask. So easy, right? Just ask. And you will receive.

And yet, this is something many people find hard to do. To help you, first you must know that there are many ways to ask for what you wish to have.

You Can Manifest with Vision Boards
You Can Manifest with Vision Boards

You can speak and ask. Or write down what you wish to have. Or use a vision board. I will be writing more about the manifestation tools that you can use to help you manifest for your heart’s desires. Please join my I Love Good Health and Wellness Community to receive an update when I publish this post.

Step 3 – Believe

After you have asked, you must believe that what you have asked for will be manifested into your life. I know this can be a difficult thing to do. I too have problems believing when I first learned how to manifest. What was worse, I thought I believed, but then I learned I was not fully believing.

3rd Step to Manifestation is To Believe
3rd Step to Manifestation is To Believe

To fully believe, I learned I needed to clear my blockages. Also, I needed to be able to expect whatever that I am manifesting will be brought into reality.

Again, the manifestation tools can help with this step. Please join my I Love Good Health and Wellness Community to receive an update when I publish the post about these powerful manifestation tools.

Step 4 – Receive

The fourth step is to receive. I know it may sound strange because when we manifest, when we set a goal, when we ask, when we believe, shouldn’t it be default that we are already ready to receive?

The answer is yes, that is right. But only partially. This was one of the steps that The Secret did not teach. It was also one of the steps that I eventually learned over the years. And it is a critical step.

Take Action to Co-Create and Manifest
Take Action to Co-Create and Manifest

Part of receiving is to open our hearts, and be ready to accept that which we are manifesting to come to us. Another part of receiving is to take action. Using the manifestation tools is one of the actions to take. Other actions to take are such as looking for signs from the Universe, getting and understanding the hints from our subconscious.

And another important thing I learned over the years is to actually get out there and take action. There is no point in the Universe and your subconscious giving you all the tips but you do not take any action at all. Manifestation includes you getting on your feet, out there in the physical world, and taking action to co-create the things you desire.

In the movie, Eat Pray Love, the protagonist mentioned a funny story about a poor man who went to church every day and prayed before the statue of a great saint, to ask to win the lottery. He did this for months. Eventually, the exasperated statue came to life, and answered the man, “My son, please, please, please, buy a ticket.”

As you can see, the man did all the steps of manifesting with the Law of Attraction. But he missed out the one important step, and that is to receive by taking action.

Important Manifestation Tip – Always manifest for your own good and the good of all.

What Else You Need to Know About Manifesting with The Law of Attraction?

In a sense, this is the foundation knowledge to manifestation. Like the basic block. And you need to acquire more information and knowledge to manifest successfully.

In 2020, I will be sharing more of this information to help you manifest. For example, I will share about manifestation tools that can help you succeed with manifestation. I will also write about blockages that will slow down or even prevent you from manifesting what you wish to have into reality.

To get all the information that I will be publishing soon, please join my I Love Good Health and Wellness Community to receive an updates.

We come to the end of this article about How to Manifest with The Law of Attraction? If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned here in this article, ANY at all, please feel free to ask by adding a comment in the comment box below. I will be more than happy to help.

I wish you good health, wealth and love.

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4 thoughts on “How to Manifest with The Law of Attraction?”

  1. Very interesting post, Tim.

    A while back I was in a group discussion on the topic of manifesting the law of attraction. In sum, we came up with this conclusion.

    Sometimes, we desire things that we don’t really believe we can have or make happen. The energy of our thoughts, the way we feel about it, it’s just not aligned with that we think we want, so what’s really happening when we try to manifest such things is that we consciously say “yes, I want that”, but our unconscious screams “No! I don’t want that under any circumstances!”

    In most cases our subconscious is afraid of what might happen if we got what we “want”, or for some reason it doesn’t believe it would be good for us if that particular desire came to be.

    So in order to manifest what we are consciously certain we want, we need to make sure our subconscious is ready to focus its energy in the same direction. In short, we must align our subconscious with specific wants and desires from the law of attraction. This might mean using subliminal or similar techniques to reach the subconscious so it can help rather than stop us from attacking what we want. Just my take on your excellent post.

    1. Thanks, Thabo for your kind compliments on this blog post. And also for sharing your experience and thoughts on manifestation.

      I have plans to write more about manifestation. And what I have planned will cover the points you made here. For example, I will be writing a blog post about why we are not able to manifest what we desire, about the subconscious and how it can sabotage our wishes, and also how we can work with our subconscious to manifest what we desire. Plus many more. Do make sure you have joined our I Love Good and Positive Things Community to receive updates when I publish these articles.

  2. Love the article and wanting to learn so much more. I have delved into the concept of manifesting what I want and the law of attraction; however, I feel like I have a long way to go. I am looking forward to your future posts and will definitely be following along.

    1. Thanks Dena! Your wish is my command. 😉

      More posts about manifesting coming soon. To help you learn more about it, and how to really manifest your heart’s desires. Watch for them.

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