How to Put Up a Psychic Barrier? | Episode 4 | My Spiritual Journey

Hi everyone! This is the fourth episode of my spiritual journey series, where I share my spiritual experiences.

In my previous episode, I talked about meeting a spiritual group where I was seeking help to deal with my psychometric ability. It was because it was becoming overwhelming.

And then a reiki master stepped forward to guide me. And showed me How to Put Up a Psychic Barrier?

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My Spiritual Journey Series

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Transcript: How to Put Up a Psychic Barrier? | Episode 4| My Spiritual Journey

Turned out it was quite simple actually. He guided me and he told me to close my eyes. Then guided me to imagine a large black wall appearing and blocking all intruding psychic energies.

So I did that. Closed my eyes, and I imagined this huge black wall. And then without his guidance, I instinctively knew how to do this next part. I made the black wall circular and placed it all around me.

I just imagined this black wall all around me, and let it stay for a while. And after a while I slowly opened my eyes.

The reiki master then asked how was I doing? He asked me if I felt any changes or did I still feel everybody’s thoughts and images?

So I reached out and felt around with my mind. And I tried to read the people around me.

After a short while, I was quite pleased. There was mostly nothing. I was getting mostly nothing.

There were still a few images. Very slight. Just a few you know. And I figured that it could be some still breaking through the barrier.

I told myself quietly I didn’t tell them. But it was very much better than before.

And so i informed the reiki master.

He was so happy for me. Everybody was happy for me. They looked really happy.

In fact some of them were actually relieved. Of course they did not tell me then. But I knew because of my psychometry. Those few and slight thoughts still coming through.

So that helped and now what’s next? How does all this lead to Flowing Love Meditation? I will share more about my spiritual journey.

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Final Thoughts – How to Put Up a Psychic Barrier? | Episode 4 | My Spiritual Journey

Since then, after learning that I can put up a psychic shield, I have gone on to learn more ways to do it. And I found one way that is super effective. I will share that in a future video and blog post. So, remember to join my Flowing Love Meditation community to get notified when I publish it.

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