How to Trust the Universe and Let Everything Fall Into Place?

How to Trust the Universe and Let Everything Fall Into Place?

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Hi Everyone. In a previous blog post, I talked about How to Find Inner Peace Through Meditation? When we find inner peace, we also learn to trust the Universe. To let things flow. And let everything fall into place.

In today’s blog post, I share with you How to Trust the Universe and Let Everything Fall Into Place? And I will be sharing a story I posted on the Kryon Forum in 1998 to show you how to do it.

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Kryon Bulletin Board

Back in the 90s, I was quite active at a spiritual forum. It was the Kryon Bulletin Board.

On that forum, I and many others shared our spiritual experiences. And at the same time, we also help and support each other during any spiritual challenges.

During 1998, I wrote a post and uploaded it to the online bulletin board. It was about while having inner peace, I experienced this immense trust in the Universe.

The Higher Power.

The True Father Creator.

And when I did that, everything fell into place very beautifully. It almost seemed as if time slowed down just to allow my friend and I to be on time for a movie showing.

The Story I Shared on The Kryon Forum in 1998

– – The Story I Shared on The Kryon Forum in 1998 – – –

– – Some names were changed to protect the privacy of the people mentioned – – –


Hello Family,

Was wondering whether to post this when we read the posting by MoonSoul.

Dearest MoonSoul, this one’s written for everyone, especially for you and Bekhat with much Love.

Some weeks ago, I had a day off. Sunflower, a Sister of Light, asked me if I would like to join her for a movie. The time of the movie was at 5:00pm.

I had woken up with such Peace and Love. As I stepped out of my house,

I greeted the Earth, the Sky, the Trees.

Walked through a nearby park and enjoyed the Peace and Love
amongst the Trees.

We chatted, the Trees and I.

We sang.

I was smiling all the way to the train station.

It was 4:00pm.

When I reached the train station, I watched the way people hurried through the ticket counters. I smiled and felt not the least in a hurry.

With much Calm and Peace, I knew I will be on time for the movie with Sunflower.

I knew and trusted in the Divine Spirit.

I felt safe and Loved.

It was 4:15pm when the train arrived.

When I reached the designated meeting place, Sunflower had not arrived.

It was 4:35pm.

We had agreed to meet at 4:30pm.

We had to walk to the cinema which is a block away (at least 10 minutes of brisk walk; that is if you are the type to hurry and rush grin!)

Sunflower finally arrived, with apologies. I smiled.

‘We’ll be on time.’ I assured her.

Oh! But she needed to rush to a shop and buy a sweater. Seems she was at the same cinema a few days before and she felt the air-conditioning was extremely cold.

I nodded and smiled. ‘Don’t hurry. Take your time to pick and choose the right one.’ I answered.

She rushed into the store and browsed quickly. She looked out of the store at where I am standing. I was having a drink and did not think it was polite to enter. I nodded again and smiled with a calmness. She smiled.

She walked to a display of sweaters that are near the entrance of the store. ‘How about these?’

‘They look nice.’ I replied. ‘Try them on.’

Sunflower looked at her watch. ‘Don’t worry. There’s plenty of time.’ I assured her again.

It was around 4:50pm.

I was still nestled within the Love of the Divine Spirit and felt so much faith and trust.

Sunflower tried a few and chose one. She bought the sweater and hurried out of the store. ‘OK. Come on, let’s get there quick.’ she hastened.

I just smiled again. ‘Sunflower, there’s no rush. Let’s walk down this way. It leads to the cinema and we can enjoy the view.’

I pointed to a slip road. Alongside the road there are some pretty shops.

We crossed the road calmly. We walked down the road and enjoyed the view. The shops have such lovely display. Some are very interesting in design.

We chatted. Laughed. Shared.

When we reached the cinema, the time was 4:50pm … hahaha … 🙂

We bought the tickets. We even had time to buy some snacks.

As we handed the tickets to the Usher, we asked, ‘Has the movie started.’

The Usher smiled, ‘Not yet.’

We went in. Settled down. And even was in time to watch a movie trailer

Soon the movie started, which was ‘Meet Joe Black’. And we enjoyed it very much.

Hope the above experience will help all who reads this.

Love, Light and Peace,

– – end of forum post – – –

How to Trust the Universe and Let Everything Fall Into Place?

Final Thoughts by Timotheus Lee

Whenever I get on the Kryon forum, I would sign in as Chrysalis. So, that was the post I shared back then.

It was amazing how time seemed to slow down. Or how we had enough time for everything we needed to do before getting to the cinema.

And all the while, I remembered not feeling anxious. I was calm and relaxed. I felt this knowing that everything would be all right.

And I knew it would all work out well. That everything would fall into place perfectly.

I am so happy and grateful to share this post and story. It was such a beautiful spiritual experience. And by sharing with all of you, I am reminded to continue being in that state of calm. To continue having inner peace.

And always trust the Universe.

And I can do that with constant meditation practice. Yes, meditation does help with finding inner peace. With staying calm in all circumstances. And to feel connected to the Great Father Creator, and trust Him.

You can easily practice meditation. On this website, I have a few Flowing Love Meditation blog posts. All of them are guided meditations.

What this means is, on these blog posts, you can read and follow the meditation. And you can watch the videos, and follow my guidance on how to do the meditation.

And each of the meditations have a period of silence. This is to give you time to enjoy the Divine Love energies. And also to help you be still. To gain inner peace. And so much more.

So, do watch the Flowing Love Meditation videos regularly. Practice it regularly.

Do you have any questions about How to Trust the Universe and Let Everything Fall Into Place?? Tell me in the comments below.

I wish you good health, wealth and love.

Flowing Love Meditation for Inner Peace and Well-Being

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