Motivational Quote By John Keats - Impossible Is For The Unwilling

John Keats Quote – 16 December 2019

“Impossible is for the unwilling”

John Keats, Poet

Who is John Keats?

I was introduced to John Keats at a very young age. And back then, the naive child that I was, really thought Ode to a Nightingale was really just that. A tribute to a beautiful singing bird.

Silly me. Now, older and more aware, I learn that John Keats’ poems are better known to have sensual imagery. As one of the romantic poets of his time, he would emphasize on natural imagery to accentuate extreme emotions.

The Ode to a Nightingale was one such poem. It seems this little personal poem of his was a journey into the state of negative capability.

Well, nevertheless. I still admire him as a poet. And I find the quote from him to be motivating. What about you?

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