Who To Do Space Clearing For?

Who To Do Space Clearing For?

When I was teaching space clearing courses at a holistic center years ago, this is one of the many questions asked – Who To Do Space Clearing For? You will be surprised how often this question was asked.

With further discussion, I found out that many of my students know that they can do space clearing of places. And for themselves. But were unsure if they could do it for others.

So today, I will share with you who you can do space clearing for.

Do You Need Permission To Do Space Clearing?

Who Can Give Permission For Space Clearing?

Before we discuss who we can do space clearing for, I would like to discuss about permission to do space clearing. This is important to know and understand.

Space clearing is a form of energy work. That is, we are working with energies. As such, there can be times when we can do the energy work without permission from the other party. Please do not do this.

It is always best to ask permission before doing any energy work.

At the same time, I have experienced cases where asking the other party may not seem possible. For example, the other person is paralyzed and unable to speak or move to indicate yes or no. Or when they have left this world.

Even then, it is possible to ask permission. In such instances, it is useful when a psychic’s help is sought. The psychic can ask the person’s higher self for permission, and get an answer, too. The psychic can also ask for permission from the soul that has passed on.

For this article, I will discuss how to do space clearing for people who are still in this world, and able to give permission. For the cases where they are unable to – again, for example paralyzed, disabled or no longer in this physical world – I will write another post specially for this. To get notified when this article is published, please join my community.

How To Do Space Clearing For My Self?

When I do space clearing for my self, I would use the white sage incense stick. I would light it up, and when there is enough smoke, I would smudge myself with the smoke.

I smudge myself by moving the incense stick all over my body. And let the smoke touch every part of my body. The smoke also fills my energy bodies, and as such cleans them too.

I know of people who would place the burning sage on an abalone shell. Then they position it on the floor. They stand over it, and let the smoke rise and smudge their entire body. I have been told that many like this method, and feel really good after that.

How To Do Space Clearing For My Family?

My family is very open to the spiritual work I do. And whenever I smudge my home, I would do smudging for them too.

Space Clearing Can Elevate Your Entire Being
Space Clearing Can Elevate Your Entire Being

My Mom is so cute when I do smudging for her. She would close her eyes, and smile. I would smudge her with the white sage smoke all over her body. And I believe she says a prayer while I do that.

You can do that too, that is - say a prayer when a family member does space clearing for you. And your family members can do it do when you space clean for them.

The way to do space clearing for your family is the same as how you do it for your self. Instead of your body, you smudge their entire body.

How To Do Space Clearing For My Friends?

Many years back, I was at my best friend's home. And he introduced me to a sage incense stick. He explained that it was from Tibet, and they used it to do energy cleaning for places and people. Then he asked if I liked to try it?

I was curious, and I am always keen for spiritual experiences, so of course I answered yes.

He then instructed me to stand up with my arms stretched out. He burned the end of the incense stick and held the other end with his fingers. Then he waved the stick to get more smoke.

Stand with Arms Stretched Out for Space Clearing
Stand with Arms Stretched Out for Space Clearing

I closed my eyes but I could sense he was moving the incense stick all over my body. He would wave it along the edges of my body, from my left foot, up my left leg, to my left side, along my entire left arm, around my head, then to the right arm, and then down my right side and to my right leg and to my right foot.

Just as he was smudging my right arm, I felt an electrical charge shock me at the finger tips of my right hand. I was startled, and retracted my right arm. My eyes opened, and I asked if he had accidentally brushed the burning sage on my finger tips?

My best friend answered that he had not touched any part of my body with the sage stick at all. I was amazed. I was sure that the smudging had cleared something major at that area of my being. And I was thankful.

I closed my eyes, and asked my best friend to continue. I was excited and hoped for more energy cleaning. But that was all the energy spark I experienced. And that was ok. I was still thankful.

You can do space clearing for your friend and family as I described above.

Spiritual Note - Do not be alarmed when you feel an energy shock like an electrical spark at any part of your body. It is just bad energy being cleared. Note and explain this to your friends and family should they encounter the same experience.

How To Do Space Clearing For My Clients?

There were times when I was requested by people to do space clearing for their homes, shops, restaurants and offices. This can be done. But do remember to have some form of energy exchange.

Energy exchange is when you give energy to another person, for example space clearing work. And the other person gives you back something in exchange for the energy spent by you. In this world, that exchange can be in the form of money.

Money is energy too. Just like I have often said - everything is energy.

Do not feel bad or uncomfortable when you request for money in exchange for energy work done. It is just how to ensure there is a balance of energy.

Energy Exchange For Example Money for Time and Effort
Energy Exchange For Example Money for Time and Effort

It is when you do not ask for a form of energy back to you that you will experience an imbalance of energies. When that happens, you can suffer some form of imbalance. Some energy workers can get sick even.

In the past, when I did not ask and get energy back from the other party, I had experienced that imbalance. I did not get sick. But I suffered in other ways. I will share more about this in future blog posts. Please join our good and positive community to receive updates when I publish these posts.

Just to be clear, energy exchange can be in a different form, too. For example, the other party can do work for you in return or give you a gift. It all depends on what you agree between the two of you.

How To Do Space Clearing For The Disabled or Deceased?

When I mention disabled, I mean those who are unable to communicate and give permission. Of course, if they can communicate, then you should ask for permission.

In these cases, how I do space clearing for them and for the deceased is to communicate with them on the astral realm. To do this, you need to be able to visit the spirit world. And you need to be able to invite them to come to you in that place. Then have a conversation to ask them if they are all right to have space clearing done for them or for their possessions.

Communicate with Spirits in The Astral Realm
Communicate with Spirits in The Astral Realm

Alternatively, you can seek the help of a psychic to communicate with them.

After you have been given permission by them, then you can do the space clearing. Do not go ahead to do the energy work if permission has not been given. Please respect their wishes. Sometimes, they will not appear in the spirit realm to you. In this case, take it as permission has not been granted.

How To Do Space Clearing For My Pets?

Yes! You can do space clearing for your fur friends too! Some of us like to adopt animals that have been abandoned. Some of these darlings have been traumatized in the past. So, it is good idea to do space clearing for them.

Space Clearing Can Be Done for Pets Too
Space Clearing Can Be Done for Pets Too

It will help your fur friend to feel better. To remove any negative energies of the past. And start anew with fresh and positive energies. The above photos is of my late fur friend, Perdita. Isn't she beautiful?

Even if your pet has not been adopted, it is a good idea to do space clearing for them too. Just like us, they may pick up negative energies; for example, when they go for a walk in the park. Or maybe someone out there has sent negative thoughts at your fur friend.

Space clearing can help them have a happier life with you.

Who Else Can I Do Space Clearing For?

You can do it for everyone. And anyone.

The most important thing to note is to get permission. Whether you get it physically in person or on the astral realm in spirit form, you must be granted to do the energy work.

Spiritual Tip: Never do energy work on another person when you did not get permission. The consequences can be dire.

What Items to Use for Space Clearing?

I wrote an article about what items to use for space clearing. Please go to the article and read it for more information about this.

My #1 Recommended Space Clearing Tool

This is my favorite space clearing tool. I highly recommend the White Sage Incense Stick, shown below. To me, it is one of the best space clearing tools. Choose the White Sage you like, and get it now.

My #2 Recommended Space Clearing Tool

This is my 2nd favorite space clearing tool. When I run out of white sage, I use my trusty singing bowls. They do an equally superb job of clearing all the negative energies. Choose the Singing Bowl you like, and get it now.

My #3 Recommended Space Clearing Tool

Black Tourmaline is excellent for removing and repelling negative energies. Also, I like to get smaller ones that I use whenever I travel. I place them in the hotel rooms to keep away negative energies like ghosts.

What to Say When Doing Space Clearing?

As you do space clearing, you need to say a prayer or chant. I shared the words to say during space clearing in the article that explains what is space clearing. Go to the article to learn what to say when you are doing space clearing.

What Are The Space Clearing Steps?

Again, this has been covered in the what is space clearing article. Go to the blog post to learn what are the space clearing steps.

We come to the end of this article about Where to Do Space Clearing? If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned here in this article, ANY at all, please feel free to ask by adding a comment in the comment box below. I will be more than happy to help.

Wishing you an awesome life filled with abundance, love and light.


2 thoughts on “Who To Do Space Clearing For?”

  1. Thanks for helping me to know who I can do space clearing for. New to this concept, I had not thought much of clearing others’ space; however, it makes sense to be able to help others too. I would like to attempt this for my dogs, do I need to get their permission, and if so what might that look like? Another question that comes to mind is after doing a space clearing on someone else is it good to do space clearing on yourself? Do you tend to pick up the negative energies of others?

    1. You’re welcome, Dena. I am so happy and grateful to help. 🙂

      Dogs are super loving beings on this planet. It is good to ask for permission, but usually I find that it is not necessary. Especially when they are your family. They are unconditional love, and will trust you to do what is best for them. When Perdy was still with me, I would do it for her all the time. And she loves it! Her face would have this biggest smile when I was doing it and when I do it.

      Still, it is good to ask for permission, and it is easy. Just ask them – you can speak or just say silently in your heart (but speaking out loud is better). If they do not show any sign of rejection or fear – e.g. running away or hiding – then they have given you permission.

      But some dogs have been known to be afraid of space clearing with the sage incense. I guess it is the smoke from the incense. You can burn the incense and observe how they react to the smoke. In this case, consider alternatives like the Singing Bowl or Black Tourmaline. You can gently ring the Singing Bowl near your fur friends. And then say the prayer. If you choose Black Tourmaline, simply wave it around them and say the prayer.

      Regarding your second question about whether it is good to do space clearing for yourself after you have done it for others – the answer is – it is not necessary. The good news is when you are doing space clearing for others, you also reap the benefits.

      The negative energies that were present were banished by your space clearing. So there is no chance that they will get picked up or absorbed by you. In fact, when you do space clearing, all the negative energies leave that space. And your entire being get an energy cleansing too.

      Just remember to bring in the good and positive energies after the space clearing, as mentioned in the How to Do Space Clearing article. This part will also bring the good and positive energies in to your entire being.

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