Affirmation - I Am In Good Health

I Am In Good Health

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Good health is very important. Especially in recent months, the coronavirus crisis is a reminder of that. Use this affirmation – I Am In Good Health – 20 February 2020 – to create your reality where you are always in perfect health.

Back in mid 90s, I decided to build and strengthen my immunity system. In the past before that, wheneverI fell, I would consult a western medicine practitioner. If you did the same, you would know that a doctor practising western medicine would give you drugs.

And that was after a quick and general diagnosis. The doctor would hardly check my body carefully or thoroughly.

What was worse was that the doctor would always ask – what is wrong with you? I mean, you were the doctor, right? Shouldn’t you find out what was wrong with me? If I knew, do I need to pay for the highly priced consultation fee?

So, after years of frustration whenever I fell ill, I decided to try eastern medicine. I came to this decision after lots of research.

I found out that Eastern medicine can help the body to learn how to fight against infections.

A popular analogy of that western medicine is like sending troops to a country at war. And doing the fighting for you. Your body will not learn how to fight back against the infection.

On the other hand, eastern medicine is like the Red Cross. They help you fight. At the same time, your body learns how to fight back. So, your body’s immunity learns and becomes stronger.

When I first started to use eastern medicine, it was not easy. It took time for my body to learn how to fight back against infections. Initially, it took a longer time for me to get well.

Then I noticed that I would heal faster. In time, I would hardly fall ill. People around me would be unwell. And I would not get infected. I’ll be strong and healthy.

How I Used This Affirmation?

So, What Does My Personal Story Have to Do With This Affirmation?

I said this affirmation every day. Once in the morning after I am awake. And once at night before I sleep.

During the first few years after I switched to eastern medicine, I said it more often. Especially when I fell ill.

I would speak the affirmation, and really feel as if I am in great health I would visualize myself smiling. Outside. In the sun. Happy and enjoying the great outdoors.

I would remember the time when I was in the pink of health. How I felt then? What did I do then? I would see it as if it had already happened.

Today, I rarely fall ill. If I feel an infection coming on, I would feel a slight raise in my body temperature, for example 36.8 Celsius degree.

It would be a sign my body is fighting back. And after a short time, could be hours or just a day, I will be so right.

How You Can Use This Affirmation?

The same way I did.

But here’s another secret to manifesting. You need to take action.

Back during the early days, whenever I fell ill, I would not just rely on this affirmation.

I would still consult the eastern physician. I would take the medication given. And allow time for my body to learn.

So, do not just say this affirmation and then expect the Universe to do everything for you. Do what you can, too.

Then, trust the Universe to co-create with you. Believe that it has already happened.

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I wish you good health, wealth and love.

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5 thoughts on “I Am In Good Health”

  1. This is great information, I had not thought about affirmations for health; however, it makes sense. I am more into Eastern Medicine than Western Medicine myself and even for my dogs. I understand the frustration of going to the doctor paying a huge price just to get drugs that have more side effects than the problem itself. I very rarely rely on Western Medicine these days; however, I feel with the affirmation of great health I should be able to conquer even more. I will start using this right away.

    1. Glad to hear that, Dena. You will find the affirmation really powerful. When you think or say this affirmation – I Am in Good Health, remember to see yourself happy, smiling and in good health, enjoying all good things this universe has to offer.

      And happy to know a fellow being who is also into Eastern Medicine. I enjoy using it should I see people around me having a cough, cold of flu. Or any ailment. I would quickly get some Eastern Medicine and have it so as to prevent falling ill. Also, I enjoy drinking herbal drinks that are so healthy. As a teacher, when I find throat beginning to get a little hoarse, I would buy a bottle of herbal drink that cools the throat and lung system. It always works. After that, I can teach for days without getting a sore throat. 🙂

  2. Thanks!!!❤ Bro Tim of the us. I am rarely ill as well…not sure what is happening with my ears…could be a few things….1st infection ever in them…
    I am thankful n grateful to have perfect healthy now and always….so be it and so it is….2002 2020….Amen

    1. You’re welcome, dearest Sister of Light. Very happy to hear that you are rarely ill, too. Great to hear you doing the affirmation for good and perfect health.

      Regarding your ears, you can ask you spirit guides for the answers. What I do is I will ask before I sleep. And I would ask for answers in my dreams. I would receive them as symbols in the dream. That is how they communicate with us – with symbols. From the symbols, I would get my answers. Try it. Let me know what happens. If you need help interpreting the dream symbols, feel free to reply to this comment. 🙂

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