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Wealth and Success

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Wealth and Success. Two simple words. Each with a depth of meaning behind it. And when combined, becomes a powerful affirmation.

Today, I would like to share with you this affirmation that I have said for years. Also, the story of how this affirmation came about. And how you can use this affirmation?

How I Learned This Affirmation?

In Singapore, I have a few friends who are also fellow lightworkers. We used to meet often, and discussed spiritual topics.

One day, many years ago, I was having a nice chat with one of the lightworkers. Her name is Molly. And we were discussing about Louise Hay and affirmations.

The Affirmations

We loved Louise Hay and her inspiring books. And we loved the idea of saying affirmations to create the reality we desire. We still do.

We went over quite a few affirmations; such as I Am Wealthy, I Am Rich, I Am Abundant, I Am Successful, and many more.

Somehow, we did not feel quite comfortable with saying those affirmations. And we knew why.

The Resistant Mind

Somewhere deep in our minds, and our hearts, we did not believe the words to be true. I am sure this is something many people, including you, face when saying affirmations.

For example, when we say – I Am Wealthy. And at that point of time, we have yet to be as wealthy as we would like to be. Then thoughts like – Are you sure? or You are not – emerge in our minds.

As a result, because of the lack of belief, the affirmation becomes powerless. And what we desire to happen, does not.

The Acceptable Truth

Faced with this dilemma, Molly and I put on our thinking caps. We soon realized that the solution would be to create an affirmation that would not require our resisting mind to doubt.

It would have to be a phrase where we would not be contradicting the current situation. And also, something that we would accept and believe.

Wealth and Success

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After much thought, we came up with – Wealth and Success. Just simply that.

There is no ‘I Am’ in front of the words. As such, there is no suggestion that we are currently that.

How Does The Affirmation Work?

Without the ‘I Am’, we are not telling our selves that we are currently that desired manifestation.

For example, by just saying the word – Wealth – we are simply conjuring the idea of wealth. As we say that word, the images and feeling of wealth emerge within us.

Over time, as we say it more and more, belief begins to set in. Again, this will be the belief that there is wealth. And as a result, the energies of wealth.

Remember like attracts like. That is the Law of Attraction. And when there are energies of wealth, you attract wealth to you.

We could have simply just kept it as the word – Wealth. But we like success, too. So, we created the affirmation as – Wealth and Success.

How You Can Use This Affirmation?

How Did Molly and I Use This Affirmation?

Ever since coming up with this affirmation, Molly and I use it after every conversation we had, and still have. Even today, when we message each other on WhatsApp, we would end the conversation with – Wealth and Success.

This is so much better than goodbye, or bye. Don’t you agree?

Now You Use This Affirmation

You are welcome to use this affirmation just like how Molly and I do. That is signing off every chat with it.

Or you can use it every morning. After you awake, take a look at the graphic I created. Read the words.

Or you can use it as your mantra or your focus during meditation.

The most important thing to do when you use this affirmation is to Believe.

When you say it, visualize what wealth means to you. It can be a bank account with millions of dollars. Or a large house by the sea. Or you traveling all over the world in luxury.

Do the same for the word – Success. What does it mean to you? A high flying career? Or being happy with your family? Or having good health?

However you use it, I wish it will bring you all the best in the very best ways.

Wealth and Success

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I wish you good health, wealth and love.

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