Violent Ghost Followed Boy and Wanted to Steal The Light of His Soul

Violent Ghost Followed Boy and Wanted to Steal The Light of His Soul

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Hi Everyone. Welcome to another true ghost story. It is the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival. And we continue the theme of ghost stories.

Today, I will share about a time when a boy was followed by a violent ghost who wanted to steal the light of his soul. What happened? Continue reading to find out.

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Currently, it is the ghost month.  The Chinese call it the Hungry Ghost Festival. 

During this time, it is believed that the gates of hell are opened. And the spirits of those who died return as ghosts.

You can find out more about the Hungry Ghost Festival in a previous blog post that I published.

It was the late 80s. And I had moved out to live on my own. Once in a while I would return home to stay night or two. Just to connect with my family.

During that time, my mom was a babysitter for a young boy. He was about 3 years old. Let’s call him R.

He was a sweet boy. And whenever I was back, he would want me to play with him. And I did, just for a while cos he was so adorable.

One of the days when I was back. I returned home a little later than usual. By that time, usually R would have been picked up by his Mom and gone back to his home. But that night, he was still at my parent’s home.

I thought nothing of it because my Mom was the babysitter. And I simply thought that maybe his mother was late to pick him up. My Mom acted a little strange though. She smiled meekly and said that R was staying over for the night. Just one time only.

Again, I thought nothing of it. It was my parents’ home. And if they were ok for R to stay over. And R’s parents were ok, too. Then so was I.

As usual, R wanted me to play with him. And I did. After a while, I did my usual routine. Had my shower. Checked emails. Went to bed.

The Strange Dream

That night I had one of my very vivid dreams. I was in this open space. Like an never ending space. It was not dark. There was some light all around. Like sunlight.

Then I saw R seated at the center of it all. He had his eyes closed. And he was seated in a lotus position. From him and around him there was this bright light. I was awed.

Suddenly, I felt a presence. An intrusion into this space. It was a female spirit. It tried to enter into the area around R. For some reason, I felt very protective of R. And I somehow knew the spirit was up to no good.

So, I shouted at the spirit. And warned it to keep away. It still tried again and again to enter the space near R.

I continued warning the spirit. And I don’t why I said it but I said to the spirit that it knew who I was. And if it did anything to R, it will answer to me.

It went on for a while. Next thing I knew, I woke up. And I could still remember the dream. I usually remember my vivid dreams.

The Violent Ghost

I thought it was just a dream. And went about to prepare for my day, get ready for work.

As I had breakfast, my mother sat down to have a chat with me. She was behaving strangely. And I could sense she wanted to tell me something.

So, I coaxed her. Asked her what was up?

It was then that she told me that R stayed over because he was being haunted by a ghost. When he was back at his home, his parents caught him playing with something in the corner of his room. Laughing. Giggling. Like how he would play with me when he visited.

His mother thought it looked strange, and asked him what was he doing? He answered that he was playing with auntie.

It frightened his mother. His parents consulted a Buddhist monk. And the monk told them that their son, R, had a really bright light about him. It was his soul light, and it was much brighter than many other people.

This caught the attention of a female ghost. And she followed him to their home. And she intended to eventually steal the light of his soul.

R’s parents asked the monk for help. And the monk agreed to help. But, he told them that when he was doing his rituals, it would be best if R was not at home. That was why R came to stay at my parent’s home for the night.

I remembered my dream. And told my Mom what happened in that dream. My Mom listened. And she calmly said that the ghost must have followed R to our home. And tried to steal his soul light.

Thankfully, I was home. I had stopped the ghost from doing harm to the boy.

Violent Ghost Followed Boy and Wanted to Steal The Light of His Soul

Final Thoughts by Timotheus Lee

My Mom didn’t say it. But when she said I stopped the ghost, she meant that I fought it in the astral realm. Since young, I had dreams of going around to places, and fighting ghosts. I thought they were dreams. Later in life I learned that I was astral traveling.

Another interesting thing that happened was that there was a tall cactus plant at the entrance of my parents’ home. A week later, when I returned for my regular visit.

My Mom informed me that the day after the night R stayed over, the cactus plant suddenly withered. Completely withered. From a healthy cactus plant to a dry husk.

My Mom said that cactus are known to ward off evil. And it must have helped with dealing with that female ghost.

Have you had any encounters with ghosts like the one I just shared? What happened? Tell me in the comments below.

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