Maid in Singapore Haunted By a Ghost

Maid in Singapore Haunted By a Ghost

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Hi Everyone. Yesterday was the last day of the Chinese Hungry Ghost Month. This is the last true ghost story that I am sharing, to commemorate this festival.

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Today, I share about a time when I was asked to help a maid in Singapore who was haunted by a ghost. Continue reading to find out what happened.

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A & WT’s Helper Needed Help

As mentioned before, I conduct meditation sessions at holistic centers. The people come to learn about meditation, and how to do it.

Often, they would have spiritual experiences during the meditation. And I would explain what their spiritual experiences were about. I do that with the help of my spirit guide.

Besides meditation, my students know about my psychic abilities, and also that I do space clearing. In one of my classes, there was a couple who were regular attendees.

After some time, they became like friends. Just like many of my meditation students, who also became friends. Because we were all like friends, we could discuss supernatural things quite easily. Let’s call the couple A & WT.

After one of the meditation sessions, A & WT asked if I was free for dinner and a chat. I was, and we went to a place near the holistic center for a nice little dinner and a chat. As we dined, A & WT related to me what had happened in their home.

At their home, they have a maid. They prefer to call her their home helper. I like that term, and will use that in this blog post.

Their helper was from the Philippines. At that time when they approached me to help their maid, she had worked for them for 2 years.

And back then, during that time, their helper was troubled. She was also someone who was sensitive to energies. She could see spirits too. But she was not comfortable about it.

The couple knew she could see energies and spirits.

The Helper Saw Ghosts

When she first arrived at A & WT’s home, she sensed a cold presence in their house. After some time working for them, she began to see a child running around the house.

At first, she thought that the child was one of the couple’s children. Because she did not get a good look.

She would be busy working, and the child would suddenly rush past by the side of her or somewhere around her. But never in front of her. She soon realized things are amiss.

Once, she saw the child run into a room. She ran after the child into the room, only to discover no one in the room.

Few seconds later, the couple’s children appeared from behind her. Earlier, they were in another room. The helper realized something was wrong.

So the child that ran into the room and disappeared could not have been the couple’s children. The helper became scared, and finally found the courage to speak to the couple about it.

A & WT said they believed their helper. This was because, over the years, they had found her to be good and trustworthy.

After listening to what happened, I agreed to help. And offered to do space clearing for the couple’s home. They accepted.

Archangel Michael Statue

We arranged for another day when I visited the couple’s home. When I arrived, naturally A and the helper answered the door. I was introduced to the helper. Let’s call her R.

R seemed nervous and shy. A & WT encouraged her to tell me what happened. And they assured her that it was ok to tell me.

R finally opened up, and told me about the sightings. And how frightened she was. I listened very attentively. And was empathetic to her fears. Because I realized not many people can deal with the supernatural.

Took a few deep breaths to activate my psychometric ability. Yes, by then I have learned better control of my ability. So, I was able to do that.

After a few seconds, I started to see what she saw. Suddenly, the scene changed, and I saw a church. My Spirit Guide said to me that that was the R’s church back in the Philippines.

Next, I saw a tall statue. It was a statue of an angel. My Spirit Guide told me to tell R to remember this angel. The angel can help her.

I switched out of my psychometric mode. And related to the R what I saw.

I described the church, what it looked like, what the surroundings looked like. The moment I did, she immediately exclaimed that the description fit the church she used to go to when she was back in the Philippines.

Then I said there’s a tall statue outside the church. I even told her the exact location where this statue was located outside that church.

Again, she became excited, and confirmed that there was such a statue at the front of the church. And she said that the statue is an image of the Archangel Michael.

My Spirit Guide spoke again. His message to her was that Archangel Michael can help her. And my Spirit Guide told me what R needed to do.

I listened carefully. And then shared the information with A, WT & R.

Space Clearing with Archangel Michael

A & WT were not Catholics. And I advised them to bring R to a catholic store. Then I taught R how to choose a statue of Archangel Michael. It would be the one that she resonated with and will help her.

I had initially planned to do the space clearing for them. After what I saw and what my Spirit Guide told me. There was a change of plans.

It was all right for A to do the space clearing. Especially since she attended my space clearing course, and knew what to do. Only something to add to what she had learned.

They needed to do space clearing with the statue of Archangel Michael with them. While A did the space clearing, R must invite Archangel Michael into their home, and ask for assistance to guide lost souls to the light.

After that, we will review and see what would be the next steps to take. If there were any necessary steps to take at all.

Sending the Ghosts to the Light

After my visit to their home, and our discussion on what to do, R experienced something supernatural again. She felt a coldness in her room, and also felt paralyzed. She heard voices and movements in the kitchen.

When she turned on the lights, the voices and movements stopped. She quickly ran to A, and she was crying. She told A what happened.

A immediately did space clearing, and shielding for another room, and R slept there that night. This was just a quick preventive measure. Just for that night.

The next day, A brought R to a catholic store. A guided R how to choose an Archangel Michael figurine. A guided her just like I taught her and all my students.

First to feel which figurine resonated with R. Then to feel and ask permission. R chose one as guided, and brought it home.

A then did the space clearing of the entire house as I guided her how to. They placed the statue at the center of the living room.

A proceeded to bring in the Divine Love energies. Then she did space clearing for the entire house.

Flowing Love Meditation with 10 Minutes Silent Meditation
Flowing Love Meditation with 10 Minutes Silent Meditation.
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When she returned back to the center where the Archangel Michael statue was placed, she guided R to invite Archangel Michael into A & WT’s home. Then they asked Archangel Michael to assist and bring all the lost souls to the light.

The Divine Light that is the Great Divine Father and Creator. After the session, A and R felt the energies at the home was so much lighter.

Confirmation from The Priest

That weekend, R brought the Archangel Michael figurine to the church she was attending in Singapore. The priest noticed her carrying the figurine, and seemed to know about her problems with the haunting.

He told her that Archangel Michael could help her. And that she has a gift, and to be not afraid of the gift.

I think the priest was referring to her ability to sense and see spirits. The priest also told R that Archangel Michael was already present in the home she was staying at.

It was quite amazing that the priest knew what happened. This was really good confirmation. And the priest was amazed that her employers allowed her to invite Archangel Michael into their home. Even though they were not Catholics. It is a good thing, he said.

The next day after that day at church, R felt a presence again. Previously, I had felt that presence during the last time I visited A & T’s home.

Back then, I sensed that the presence was a guardian angel. And I had mentioned it to A. A remembered what I said before, and explained to R that the presence was Archangel Michael. And all was well.

Maid in Singapore Haunted By a Ghost

Final Thoughts by Timotheus Lee

From my experience, it is always a good practice to do space clearing at your home. And do it regularly.

I use singing bowls and sacred white sage smudge sticks to do the space clearing. Of course there are other space clearing tools. I will discuss this in the future.

Just like regular cleaning of the house with a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust and dirt. Space clearing clears the bad and negative energies.

Here is my favorite and #1 Recommended space clearing tool. It is the Sacred White Sage.

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After you have cleared all the bad and negative energies, you need to bring in good and positive energies like the Divine Love energies into the space. You can do that by practicing the Flowing Love Meditation.

Have you had any encounters with ghosts like the one I just shared? What happened? Tell me in the comments below.

As mentioned, this is the last true ghost story for the Chinese Ghost Month. I will resume with videos and blog posts about meditation and meditation related topics soon. So, remember to join the Flowing Love Meditation community to receive notifications whenever I publish a new video or blog post.

I wish you good health, wealth and love.

Flowing Love Meditation for Inner Peace and Well-Being

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