Where To Do Space Clearing?

Where To Do Space Clearing?

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During one of my space clearing classes, one student asked – Where To Do Space Clearing? The answer might seem obvious. But for that student, understandably, he was unsure. It was partly that he was being cautious because he was new to the spiritual world.

I, on the other hand, had been exposed to the spirit world since a child. I am a born psychic. One of the psychic abilities that I have is psychometry. What this means is that when I touch someone or something, I can see with my third eye information about that person or object. For example, the history of the object.

Another psychic ability that I have, another of many, is the ability to see all things in the spirit world. With third eye sight and psychometry, these have helped me do a better job when doing space clearing for people.

Before we continue with the discussion on Where to Do Space Clearing?, kindly allow me to tell you a true story of one of my past space clearing experience. It would illustrate how my psychic abilities help with space clearing work as well as the topic of this article.

Where Did I Do Space Clearing Before?

Many years ago, a friend of mine (let’s call her Betty, obviously not her real name), called me and sounded a little frightened. Betty was someone who was always calm and cool. For her to sound so scared told me that this was serious.

She told me she suspected that her place was haunted. And asked for my help to clean the space, and of course the ghost. As a friend, I was happy to help.

What Supernatural Event Happened?

The next day, I went to her place. Over tea and snacks she told me what happened. Few days ago, she was showering. And in the middle of the shower, she felt a cold finger slid along her back from her neck, along the spine to the base of her spine.

At first, she thought it was a prank by her then boyfriend (now husband). She yelled at him to quit playing. To her shock, he replied from the kitchen which was on the lower floor. The bathroom was on the upper floor. It would be impossible for her boyfriend to run from the bathroom to the kitchen in such a short time.

She quickly ran out of the bathroom and told her boyfriend what happened. And that was when both shared that they had been experiencing strange events ever since they moved in a few weeks ago.

What Object Needed Space Clearing?

After the sharing of what happened, I announced that I was ready to walk around the house to sense the energies. We started at the upper floor. We walked into every room and every corner. I sensed nothing.

Then we walked back to the ground floor. And as we turned from the stairways to the living room, my eyes were drawn to a bright yellow sofa. I walked towards it, and touched it. Contact!

Bright Yellow Sofa - Space Clearing Can Be Done On It Too
Bright Yellow Sofa – Space Clearing Can Be Done On It Too

I started to see with my third eye vision swirls of energies. They were going round and round. And I saw a creature, call it a demon if you like, jumped out of the energy field and into the living room. Having seen enough, I removed my hand from the sofa.

I turned to Betty and asked, “This sofa. It is not yours, am I right?”

Betty answered yes. There was a small shed outside the house in the garden. The shed was locked. They were curious and broke the lock. They found the sofa. It looked so new that they thought it a waste to be locked in the shed. So they moved it to the living room.

“There is a reason why a lovely sofa like this is locked up,” I commented. Betty’s eyes widened and nodded.

What Happened After Space Clearing?

I shared with Betty what I saw. She became very concerned. I assured her all will be well. I did space clearing for the entire house, and especially focused on the sofa. After the space clearing, I checked the sofa again.

The space clearing worked. I suggested to Betty that they should move the sofa back to the shed. They did that.

There was a little more to the story. And I will share the full story in a future blog post. Please do join my mailing list to get updates when I publish it. For now, let us focus on the subject matter.

Can I Do Space Clearing At My Home?

As you can see in the true story above, space clearing can be done for homes. When you do it for a home, do it for every room and corner. Do not miss any area.

And yes, just to clarify, it can be done for apartments, bungalows, condominiums, etc. Anywhere that people live in.

Can I Do Space Clearing In My Room?

Some people just rent a room in a house or apartment. And sometimes, other people staying in the house or the landlord may not want or need the space clearing.

In such cases, you can do simple space clearing for just your room. You can choose less invasive space clearing methods such as clapping the hands, ringing the Tibetan bell or using the singing bowl. And if these are still too noisy or not convenient, then use crystals.

Again, I will write more about these space clearing tools in a future article. Don’t forget to join my mailing list to get updates.

Can I Do Space Clearing At My Office?

Besides places where we live in, you can do space clearing for places where you work. For a new office space, you can do the space clearing to clear any remnants of negative energies. Nowadays, many people space clean their offices for feng shui reasons. The belief is that after space clearing, you can invite good energies that will bring you good luck and good fortune. This is beneficial for your new business.

Sometimes, old offices can do with an energy refresh. And that can be achieved by doing space clearing. Whether it is because strange things are happening in an office or the business is not doing well, an energy refresh can breathe new life to your business.

Can I Do Space Clearing At My Work Desk?

Another place to consider is your work desk. You may be working in an office where the boss is not keen on doing space clearing. And yet, you feel you need to do some energy cleaning and boosting of good energies.

Space Clearing Can Be Done for Your Work Desk
Space Clearing Can Be Done for Your Work Desk

You can do the space clearing at your work desk, and just your work desk. This can help you improve your career. For those doing sales, it can help improve your sales. And as such, you get more commissions.

In the past, I have instructed a student on how to do this for his work desk. After a few days, he was so happy and reported to me that he made one of the biggest sales of his career. And more sales came in after that, too.

Can I Do Space Clearing At My Shop?

A shop is a space that is the same as an office. It is a business area. So, you can definitely so space clearing. And the removal of bad energies is beneficial. Then invite good energies for success and prosperity.

A shop that has been cleansed and filled with good energies can attract people to the store. On some level, can sense good about the place. And they will feel good about entering the shop.

Can I Do Space Clearing At My Restaurant?

The same can be said for a restaurant. Just like a shop, a restaurant need to have customers. By doing space clearing, the restaurant can fare better.

Of course, for any business, whether an office, shop or restaurant, space clearing can help on the energetic level. The business still needs to have good products or services that people want. And there must be marketing to draw people to the business.

I am just saying that space clearing can help at a level that the physical methods cannot.

Where Else Can I Do Space Clearing?

People Have Aura

So, where else can we do space clearing? Besides the above physical locations, we can do space clearing for our own bodies.

We are made of energy. Everything is energy.

Our bodies have energy fields. And just like how dust and dirt can accumulate in physical spaces, bad energies can get stuck in our energy fields. So, it is good to do space clearing for our physical and energy bodies.

What Items to Use for Space Clearing?

My #1 Recommended Space Clearing Tool

This is my favorite space clearing tool. I highly recommend the White Sage Incense Stick, shown below. To me, it is one of the best space clearing tools.

Here is my favorite and #1 Recommended space clearing tool. It is the Sacred White Sage.

Sage Spirit, Traditional American Incense, White Sage, Medium (6-7 inches), 1 Smudge Wand 600x600
Traditional American Incense, White Sage, Medium (6-7 inches), 1 Smudge Wand
Get your own sacred white sage incense to help you clean and clear spaces.
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Traditional American Incense, White Sage is a Powerful Space Clearing Tool. Click image above and Get Your White Sage Wand to Remove Bad and Negative Energies Now! Use Promo Code: ‘NEW20’ to get 20% Off Your First Order.

My #2 Recommended Space Clearing Tool

This is my 2nd favorite space clearing tool. When I run out of white sage, I use my trusty singing bowls. They do an equally superb job of clearing all the negative energies. Choose the Singing Bowl you like, and get it now.

Seven Metals Meditation Singing Bowl
Get your own singing bowl to help you clean and clear spaces.
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My #3 Recommended Space Clearing Tool

Black Tourmaline is excellent for removing and repelling negative energies. Also, I like to get smaller ones that I use whenever I travel. I place them in the hotel rooms to keep away negative energies like ghosts.

Black Tourmaline is Excellent for Removing and Repelling Negative Energies
Black Tourmaline
Get your own black tourmaline to help you remove and repel negative energies.
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What to Say When Doing Space Clearing?

As you do space clearing, you need to say a prayer or chant. I shared the words to say during space clearing in the article that explains what is space clearing. Go to the article to learn what to say when you are doing space clearing.

What Are The Space Clearing Steps?

Again, this has been covered in the what is space clearing article. Go to the blog post to learn what are the space clearing steps.

We come to the end of this article about Where to Do Space Clearing? If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned here in this article, ANY at all, please feel free to ask by adding a comment in the comment box below. I will be more than happy to help.

I wish you good health, wealth and love.

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6 thoughts on “Where To Do Space Clearing?”

  1. Wow. Interesting article. From your article I can intuit what space clearing is, but do you have any information that explains what it is, the benefits of doing it, etc.? It sounds very interesting.

  2. I knew space clearing was great for the home but never really thought about a business or a place where one might work. I know that where I work there is so much negativity that we face on a daily basis, so I feel this would be a perfect way to start the new year.

    1. Sorry to hear that your workplace has much negativity, Dena. Yes, you can do space cleaning for your business or workplace. After you do space clearing, and you bring in positive energies, you will see some things change for the better.

      If smudging with white sage incense is not possible at your workplace, you can try placing a black tourmaline crystal. You can purchase a good one at Shamans Crystal. Black tourmaline is excellent for removing and repelling negative energies. Get one and place it at your work desk. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me.

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