How to Manifest Love?

How to Manifest Love?

Ahhh … love. Many people want it. Some have it. Some are still seeking for it. I write this post with the hope to help many learn How to Manifest Love?

I am a spiritual person. So, this post is about manifesting with the Law of Attraction. It is not a guide for going on dating sites or your local bar to find love.

It is about working with the Universe, and the energies around us, and also energies that are us. And co-creating with these energies to bring your true love into your life.

This article is part of a series of articles where I share my over 12 years of experience of manifestation. If you are new to this concept, I suggest that you read my Ultimate Guide to Manifestation first. If you are familiar with manifesting or prefer to just focus on this topic, please continue reading.

What is Love?

The oxford dictionary defines love as an intense feeling of deep affection or a great interest and pleasure in something. Also it is a verb where we describe a feeling of deep affection or sexual love for someone.

Of course it is more complex than that.

How is Love an Energy?

When asked where love resides, most people would point at their heart. This is because instinctively, people equate the heart as where they feel love. When they get heartbroken, people would put their hands on the chest where the heart is, and say it hurts there.

It is not surprising to find that in the spiritual world, there is an energy field where the heart is. And by no coincidence, it is called the heart chakra.

Chakras of the Human Body
Chakras of the Human Body

Since I was a child, I could see energies. And the area where the heart is, there is green energy. Later in life, I learned and received confirmation from spiritual books that this is the color of the heart chakra.

When we feel good or positive, all the energy fields (also known as chakra) are full, strong and healthy. When we feel bad or negative, the energy fields contracts. Some darkness or shade can fill the energy fields. These can become blockages.

And when we feel love, really good and true love, the heart chakra expands to full glory. Our powers of manifestation increases. As you can see, it is important to feel good and positive so as to attract love.

How to Manifest Love with the Law of Attraction?

Everything is energy. I am made of energy. You are made of energy. The whole universe is made of energy. And all this energy is vibrating at different frequencies.

We Are Energy
We Are Energy

When your energy vibrate at a certain frequency, you attract things that are of that same frequency. This is true for money, abundance, a job, and love.

So, to attract your true love, your ideal partner, your energy must vibrate at that frequency. So, how do you do that? How do you manifest love using the law of attraction?

You change the frequency of your energy to vibrate the energy of love. You can do it with meditation, using a vision board, and with affirmations.

How to Manifest Love with Meditation?

When I meditate, I can do very deep into a state of quiet and peace. It is so blissful. At this stage of meditation, my mind is clear and focused.

Better still that before I start meditation, I decide on what I would like to focus on. This is called a mantra. It can be something spiritual or a phrase to manifest a goal.

And when I do that, I am changing the frequency of my energy to vibrate the energy of what I am focused on. You can do the same, and manifest love with meditation.

I have created a video of a guided meditation called the Breath Meditation. I find this very helpful at clearing my mind. Click on the link to watch and listen to my guided Breath Meditation.

How to Practice Breath Meditation to Manifest Love?

Practice meditation using the video above.

When you can meditate well, you can add a phrase to focus on.

I would suggest the phrase – I Have True Love. Just a suggestion. You can choose a phrase you like.

Before the meditation, remind yourself of the phrase.

Then practice the Breath Meditation. And when you are at the part of breathing naturally, repeat the phrase over and over again.

Why Use ‘I Have’ to Manifest Love?

Notice that I suggested the words – I Have, instead of – I Am. I find in manifesting love, this is a better choice.

When you say ‘I Have’, you are telling the Universe that you already have that which you are manifesting. You are co-creating with the Universe this reality.

Manifestation Tip: Feel that you already have true love.

When you say ‘I Have True Love’, visualize yourself living a life with your true love. See yourself living together happily. Having fun together. Going for vacations together.

And feel as if you already are with your true love. Visualize how your ideal partner looks like. The person your ideal partner is. And how you feel being with your true love. Also, how you feel doing all the wonderful things together.

How to Manifest Love with a Vision Board?

Another manifestation tool to use is the Vision Board. This is like a bulletin board where you put pictures of what you would like to manifest.

Get one of those boards where people stick messages. Then look for pictures of romance or things you would like to do as a couple. You can print from the Internet or cut out from a magazine.

Paste these photos or printouts on the board. This is your vision board.

How to Manifest Love with a Vision Board
How to Manifest Love with a Vision Board

Everyday, spend a bit of time looking at your vision board. See the photos, and imagine you and your true love doing the things on the board.

Manifestation Tip: Feel how happy you are as you see the photos, and imagine a life together with your true love.

How to Manifest Love with Affirmations?

I love to use affirmations in manifesting my heart’s desire. I find they very helpful with focusing on good and positive thoughts.

Our thoughts create the things in our reality. When we think negative thoughts, we create more of the negative things we thought of. The good news is that when we think good and positive thoughts, we create more of the good and positive things in our reality.

So, when you think good and positive thoughts about love, and your true love, you manifest both. Here is an affirmation that can help you do that.

Affirmation - I Have True Love
Affirmation – I Have True Love

Everyday, first thing in the morning, look at this ‘I Have True Love’, affirmation. Just like the vision board and meditation technique, visualize yourself living a life with your true love. See yourself living together happily. Having fun together. Going for vacations together.

Manifestation Tip: Feel how happy you are as you see the photos, and imagine a life together with your true love.

Most important, feel as if you already are with your true love. Visualize how your ideal partner looks like. The person your ideal partner is. And how you feel being with your true love. Also, how you feel doing all the wonderful things together.

Need more affirmations? Visit our Affirmations section.

How to Manifest Love with Feng Shui?

I am not a Feng Shui expert. I did attend some courses, and learned a bit. So, I share a a tip here on how to manifest love with Feng Shui.

The tip is to create space for your love to enter into your life. You can do this by creating settings for two instead of for one. Again, this is all about energies. When you do not have space for someone to be in your life, your love cannot appear.

For example, sleep on a double bed. Buy two pillows. Every night, sleep on one of the pillows. As you sleep, know that your true love will come, and that space will be filled.

How to Manifest Love with Feng Shui
How to Manifest Love with Feng Shui

Another example is to set the table for two instead of one. When you are having a meal at home, at your dining table, set the table for two. As you eat your meal, feel that your partner will soon sit next to you, at the extra placing. Feel how good and happy you will be when that happens.

We come to the end of this article about How to Manifest Love? If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned here in this article, ANY at all, please feel free to ask by adding a comment in the comment box below. I will be more than happy to help.

Wishing you an awesome life filled with abundance, love and light.


In 2020, I will be sharing more of this information to help you manifest. To get all the information that I will be publishing soon, please join my I Love Good Health and Wellness Community to receive an updates.

8 thoughts on “How to Manifest Love?”

  1. Hi Timotheus,
    I just love your website, the ease of navigating and clear menus.
    This post on how to manifest love is wonderful. I am very happily married and find this topic and methods even relevant when you want to build on your loving relationship and want to grow it even deeper.

    I love your use of photos and media to share your experience and your use of colours, energises your post.

    You will be helping many people with this post, if they will follow your methods.

    Thank you for trying to make this world a better place. We need many more people like you.

    Kind regards

    Vivian J Young

    1. You’re welcome, Vivian. And thank you for your kind compliments.

      I am very happy and grateful that you love the design, colors and look of this website. And especially your appreciation of this article. I do hope more people will discover this post, and learn how to manifest love for them. And you are right. Even married people can use these tips to build stronger and deeper love. I am glad you saw that.

      Let’s all make this world a better place.


  2. Hey,

    I love this article. I love your site too, very positive vibe.

    I have read think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill and he talks a lot about the law of attraction, and the secret. I have not actually put any of it into practice as yet. I am still a single guy, so maybe now is the time to use your advice and the advice of Napoleon Hill to use the law of attraction when it comes to my love life.

    I will keep you updated on how I am getting on with it.

    Thanks for sharing.

    All the best,


    1. Thank you so much, Tom. That is what posiTVty is all about. I created this space for people to come and spend some time to regain a better outlook in life. To feel happy, good and positive.

      Yes, I read Think and Grow Rich, too. And I watched The Secret as well as read the book. I mentioned about these two books and the movie in my other posts. Please do read them at your convenience.

      I agree with you. There must be a reason for you to have learned about the law of attraction. So, this article may be a gentle reminder for you to apply it, and attract the love of you life. 😀

      Thank you! I truly love it when my readers update me about what happens after they read my articles, and try what I shared. I look forward to hearing from you.

      Wishing you a wonderful life filled with happiness, abundance, success, wealth and love.


  3. Hello
    I love this article, I am obsessed with Law of Attraction and have recently started manifesting. Very useful information, One question, can you manifest a specific person? I am going to bookmark your website for the future 🙂

    1. Hi Lucy! Thanks! I am so happy and grateful to meet a fellow manifestor. And I am glad you found the information in this post very useful. Thank you!

      I am also very into law of attraction, and I practice it in all areas of my life. And have manifested a lot in my life so far.

      Regarding your question – Yes, you can manifest a specific person. Have you ever thought of someone, and the next moment they message or call you? That is manifesting a specific person. And notice that you only thought about the person. You did not even specify for him or her to call or message you. And they did.

      Before you practice the Breath Meditation (watch the video in the article), you can decide to manifest that specific person into your life. But do note that – just like how a it is mentioned in the earlier paragraph, you do not state what you wish for the person to do.

      In other words, you cannot manifest for the person to fall in love with you. That is the individual’s freedom of choice.

      What you can do is, think of the person when you practice manifesting love. But leave it to the Universe to know what is best for you. Be open to possibilities. If it is for the highest good that this person is to be with you, then it will happen. If not, the Universe will know, and will bring the person who is the best choice for you, and the highest good for you and all.

      I hope this explanation helps, and is clear. Please feel free to ask or clarify anything.



  4. This was a great article on manifesting for true love. I already have the love of my life but I can see how manifesting for true love can nurture and grow the love that we already have. I truly enjoy the information you share here on your website, I find it very informational and I feel it is helping me to live a more positive life.

    1. Thanks Dena. I am so happy and grateful that you found the articles on posiTVty to be very helpful. And you are right. Even when we have found our true love, it is always good to keep affirming that. The universe will continue to manifest that for us.

      Your kind comment has encouraged me to do more on this website. I will continue to share more about manifestation, and many other topics to help you and many people to live a more positive life. 🙂

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