4.5 Million Baby Blue Flowers Bloom across Japanese Park like A Never-Ending Sea of Blue Lights

4.5 Million Baby Blue Flowers Bloom across Japanese Park like A Never-Ending Sea of Blue Lights

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At a little unassuming place in Japan, there were recently 4.5 million baby blue flowers bloom across Japanese Park like a never-ending sea of blue lights. And it was pretty, and breath taking.

I love flowers. Don’t you?

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In the mornings, I would stroll down the neighborhood street. On my way to buy breakfast home to eat.

Along the way, I would admire the flowers that bloom along the road. And I would take photos of these pretty flowers that I admire so much.

In Japan, they appreciate flowers too. They are an important part of the Japanese culture. There are streets and pathways lined with unique species and varieties of plants and trees. When in season, the flowers will bloom. And they will light up the area, and the people’s lives.

For example, there are parks, gardens and pathways filled with the famous Sakura (Cherry Blossom) trees. At a particular time of the year, all of them flower at the same time. And it is an amazing sight.

People will be thrilled. And many would go out to admire the flowers. They would also take photos of them, and even selfies with the flowers are a colorful backdrop.

Recently, at the Hitachi Seaside Park, brilliant blue blooms filled the park. It was like a sea of blue lights. Many people flocked to the park to capture its beauty.

What Is This Japanese Park?

The Hitachi Seaside Park is where the flowers have bloomed lately. The flowers are actually quite common. But it is to the credit of the park planners that they planted millions of the plant. And when spring came, the flowers opened in the millions.

The park is huge, about 190-hectare. It features many varieties of seasonal flowers. It is just this time round, from late April to mid May, the Nemophila make their appearance.

They can be found particularly in the 3.5 hectare Miharashi Hills. The flowers fill every space in these hills. Except the walkways. So, you can still stroll around, and enjoy the awesome view.

What Is The Blue Nemophila Flower?

The sweet baby blue flower is called Blue Nemophila. It is an annual plant. This means it blooms for a short period only.

That season would be from early spring and all through summer. It does not last through winter.

As you can see, the stems are small. So, when the large flower blooms, it completely covers the tiny stems. When an entire field or hill has all the Blue Nemophila flowering, it looks like nothing but a sea of baby blue.

The nickname for this species is ‘baby blue eyes’. This is because they have an eye-like appearance when in full bloom.

Where Are The Best Instagrammable Spots?

Here are some ideas of where to take the best instagrammable photo. You can stand at the highest point of the hill, and capture the wide stretch of the gentle blue flowers that seem to go on forever.

Or stand mid-way on the walkways of the hills.

Or take a photo with the flowers behind you. Get ready to catch your breath as you will be immersed in an unending universe of lovely Blue Nemophila flowers.

When Is The Best Time To See The Blue Nemophila Flower?

As mentioned above, they bloom from late April to mid May. Sadly, the park was closed this year due to the coronavirus. So, you will have to visit next year. And when you do, please do come back and share your experience by leaving a comment below.

Where is Hitachi Seaside Park?

The Hitachi Seaside Park is located at the Ibaraki Prefecture. Specifically, the address is Japan, 〒312-0012 Ibaraki, Hitachinaka, Mawatari, 大沼605-4.

How to Get to Hitachi Seaside Park?

You can take the JR Joban Line from Shinagawa, Tokyo or Ueno stations to Katsuta Station, which is about an hour and a half away. Then you will need to transfer to a bus to the park. The ride is about 15 minutes.

4.5 Million Baby Blue Flowers Bloom across Japanese Park like A Never-Ending Sea of Blue Lights – My Thoughts

I enjoy walking in a park. When I do, I simply enjoy the trees, the flowers, the creatures, and all. Every living thing there.

Just walking around, and being immerse in nature relaxes me. My mind would wander once in a while back to the worldly issues. Then gently, I bring my mind back to the immense beauty before and all around me.

So, I can imagine how wonderful it would be to visit this Hitachi Seaside Park. I would love to go there some day. To see the lovely Blue Nemophila flowers shining their pretty baby blue hues at me.What about you?

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Let us all keep thinking positive thoughts with visualization of a world where everyone is healthy and happy.

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