How To Manifest With Crystals

How to Manifest with Crystals?

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A crystal is a powerful thing. I have learned, over time, to do many things with various types of crystals. One of which is How to Manifest With Crystals?

Today, I share with you my experience with crystals. The first thing I will talk about is how I discovered the world of crystals?

Then, of course, what is a crystal? Just so that we can agree on the facts before we move on to why a crystal can help you with manifestation?

And finally, how to go about using a crystal to manifest your heart’s desires.

How I Discovered Crystals?

Back in the 70s, I happened to visit a night market. It was an open air market by a canal.

There were stalls lined along the side of the canal. I was a young boy, and to me it was a fun and exciting experience.

Night Market
Night Market

After a while, I chanced upon a stall selling crystals. Before then, I had no idea what was a crystal, and knew nothing about this gift from Mother Earth.

I was enthralled by all the crystal clusters and jewelry. My eyes finally landed on a clear quartz crystal pendant. It was simple and yet looked so brilliant.

It captured my fancy, and I bought it. After that, I wore it around every day. Most people I met were often curious and asked me what it was.

At first, I simply answered that it was a clear quartz crystal pendant. Years later, I learned that it was actually a Lemurian crystal. And it has really powerful energies, which I felt ever since I wore it.

Crystal Pendants
Crystal Pendants

In the years that followed my first crystal, I researched and read books about crystals. I yearned to learn all about them. At the same time, I was sensing the crystals, and learned even more about them.

What is a Crystal?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a crystal is “a piece of a homogeneous solid substance having a natural geometrically regular form with symmetrically arranged plane faces.”

Since my first discovery of crystals as a young boy, I have learned that there are natural and man made crystals. Natural crystals are created by Mother Earth. Each of them has a unique energy. Because of that, each has their unique purpose and use.

They have unique vibrations. When I hold a crystal, I can feel its vibration. You can do it, too. This is the way that crystals ‘speak’ to us.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla, inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist

Man made crystals are those created by people. Most are manufactured in laboratories. To me, they do not have any vibration. They feel empty.

Why a Crystal Can Help You Manifest?

When I first started wearing crystals, I wore them simply because they felt good. Unknowingly, I would think a certain thought, and it would come true. Innocently, I was manifesting.

Soon, I learned that crystals have a special structure. They can absorb, hold and transmit energies. Just like silicon that is made up of quartz crystals. Because of this, they can be programmed. As such, they are used in computer chips.

Natural crystals have that same ability to be programmed. You can effectively focus its energies on a specific goal or desire. This is why I could manifest using crystals. So can you!

What Crystals To Use for Manifestation?

As the years go by, my fascination with crystals grew. I would spend weekends at stores that sell crystals. And I would browse to find the ones that called out to me.

This activity, plus research and talking to other people how love crystals, helped me to learn more. I soon found out that there are many types of crystals. And there are those that are best for manifesting.

What is a Clear Quartz Crystal?

Clear Quartz is my favorite for manifesting. It is powerful and effective. Because of its clarity, it can help you manifest anything and everything! You simply think of your heart’s desire.

Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster
Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster
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What is a Rose Quartz Crystal?

I have used the Rose Quartz to manifest true love. This is because the energy of a rose quartz is love. For a while, it did not work for me. Eventually, it did. You just need to direct it to how you would like love to be manifested in your life. Find out how in my blog post about How to Manifest Love.

Rose Quartz Crystal
Rose Quartz Crystal
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What is a Citrine Crystal?

It was a little easier to manifest using Citrine. It is the crystal for abundance, wealth and money. Be careful of fake citrine crystals that are manufactured in labs.

Citrine Crystal
Citrine Crystal
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What is an Amethyst Crystal?

I have felt the energies of Amethyst crystals. And they are filled with energies of peace, calm and harmony. You will find it very useful for turbulent times or when you are upset. I have also used it often during meditations.

Crystals Need Cleansing Too
Amethyst Crystal Cluster
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What is an Black Tourmaline Crystal?

Many times, I have been asked to identify the best crystal for protection against negative energies. My recommendation have always been the Black Tourmaline

It is a very powerful protector. You can use it to manifest energy shields to block negative energies. It can also clear negative energies.

I carry one around everywhere I go. When I traveled, I would create a protection grid using the Black Tourmaline crystals. I placed this grid at every hotel room I stayed at.

Black Tourmaline is Excellent for Removing and Repelling Negative Energies
Black Tourmaline
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How To Manifest with Crystals?

1. Choose a Crystal

In the past, I have intuitively chosen crystals that I was drawn to. I would browse at a crystal shop, slowly looking at each crystal. And I would feel if there was a connection to a particular crystal. Then, the one that I felt the strongest feeling for would be the choice.

Later, I learned that this is how to choose a crystal. In fact, the crystal chooses you!

When you visit a crystal store, take your time to look at as many crystals as you can. When you spot a crystal that you feel drawn to, ask to examine closer. Some people even hold the crystal they fancy, and can feel a slight vibration.

But if you are not sensitive to the energies, you can simply pick the crystal that you really like. That is, you really like that particular crystal, and it makes you happy when you gaze at it.

2. Cleanse the Crystal

It is Important to clean your crystal. After you buy the crystal, please do make sure you cleanse its energies.

This is because a crystal can easily absorb energies of people and things that it had been in contact with. And you do not want to inherit any negative energies.

There are many ways to cleanse a crystal. And it is easy to do. I have mentioned it in my space clearing articles how to do it. Here are a few space clearing tools to cleanse your crystal.

My #1 Recommended Crystal Cleansing Tool

Here is my favorite and #1 Recommended space clearing tool. It is the Sacred White Sage.

Sage Spirit, Traditional American Incense, White Sage, Medium (6-7 inches), 1 Smudge Wand 600x600
Traditional American Incense, White Sage, Medium (6-7 inches), 1 Smudge Wand
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My #2 Recommended Crystal Cleansing Tool

This is my 2nd favorite crystal cleansing tool. When I run out of white sage, I use my trusty singing bowls. They do an equally superb job of clearing all the negative energies.

Seven Metals Meditation Singing Bowl
Get your own singing bowl to help you clean your crystals.
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Tip – If your crystal is exposed to the world often, it is good to clean it regularly.

3. Manifest with a Clear Goal

I have learned and discovered that it is best to have a clear goal when manifesting. The goal can be something that you desire to have in this life. For example, you can choose to have immense wealth or true love.

Important Manifestation Tip – Always manifest for your own good and the good of all.

4. Program Your Crystal

Once you have a clear goal, you will need to program your crystal. This part is easy. Simply hold your crystal in your hand and speak your goal to it.

Do this at least once a day. The more you do, the more you magnify your intent. As such, your goal will be manifested.

I read of a story of a man who kept a clear quartz crystal pendant in his pocket. Wherever he went, when he had a bit of time, he would take out the crystal. He would then gently rub the crystal in clockwise circles. And he would speak or think about his goal.

After reading that story, I learned and I do that now. I have a clear quartz crystal pendant in my pocket. When I have a bit of time; for example when I travel on public transport, I would take out the crystal, and think of my manifestation goal.

5. Visualize with Feeling

When you speak or think about your manifestation goal to your crystal, do it with feeling. What this means is to feel as if your desire is already here in your life. That you already have your heart’s desire.

6. Energize Your Crystal

A crystal can be energized because it absorbs energies. So, every once in a while, I would place my crystals on a window sill, and let the sun rays energize them.

Sunning and Energizing My Crystal Spheres
Sunning and Energizing My Crystal Spheres

Another way to energize your crystal is do send energies to it. You can send reiki energies or any form of good energy to it.

7. Keep The Crystal On You or Near You

After you have programmed your crystal, it is ready to assist you with your manifestation. Keep the crystal on you or near you. Just like how I keep my manifestation clear quartz crystal in my pocket whenever I go out. And I keep it at the same place when at home.

The reason for this is so that the energies manifesting your heart’s desire are working with you. They help you create that which you wish to have in your life. So, having the crystal on you or near makes the manifesting happen.

We come to the end of this article about How to Manifest with Crystals? If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned here in this article, ANY at all, please feel free to ask by adding a comment in the comment box below. I will be more than happy to help.

I wish you good health, wealth and love.

Flowing Love Meditation for Inner Peace and Well-Being

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