Coronavirus Crisis - Good Things That Happened - Part 2

Coronavirus Crisis – Good Things That Happened Part 2

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It’s been a week since I posted Part 1 of this series. Many more nice things have happened during this pandemic. And I have collected and collated them in this article Coronavirus Crisis – Good Things That Happened Part 2.

Since last week, there have been a lot of news about Covid-19 and the effects of this pandemic. At posiTVty, I choose to focus on all the good and positive happenings in this world.

This is so that you can come here, read all of it, and have good thoughts. With good thoughts, you can feel good. And feeling good is an important ingredient in manifesting. Especially for good health.

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The Return Of The Turtles

The beautiful white sands of Thai beaches are now virtually empty. The coronavirus pandemic has kept tourists away. And the leatherback sea turtles found it safe to return and lay their eggs.

11 nests were spotted at a park in Phuket. That was the most number of nests in 20 years! The eggs were undisturbed. And the baby turtles that hatched made their way swiftly and safely back to the sea.

Who Are LeatherBacks?

Leatherbacks are the Earth’s largest sea turtles. They can grow up to two meters long, and weigh over 900 kilograms. And are listed as a vulnerable species. So, to have so many babies born is really good news!

Giant Pandas Finally Mate

Two giant pandas, Ying Ying and Le Le, in Hong Kong’s Ocean Park finally mated for the first time in ten years. This happened after the park closed, and there were no visitors. So, I hope the people at the park noticed this and realize that these gentle creatures need quiet and privacy to procreate.

This is exciting news because natural mating has a higher chance of pregnancy than artificial insemination. The latter was tried on Ying Ying in the past, but she miscarried.

If this mating was successful, the earliest we will know if Ying Ying is pregnant will be in late June. Let us hope this will happen.

Who Are Giant Pandas?

I have written about the Giant Pandas before. About this species no longer being endangered. But they are still considered as Vulnerable. For more information about Giant Pandas, go to my article and find out more.

Giant Panda No Longer Endangered
Giant Panda No Longer Endangered. Click above image to Read More.

Jellyfish Spotted In Venice Canals

Previously in Part 1 of this series, we featured the waters of the Venice Canals clearing. The crystal clear waters attracted the water creatures to make a comeback to this beautiful city. The latest is a jellyfish that was spotted slowly making its way down the canals.

A local biologist, Andrea Mangoni, said he saw the jellyfish.Watch it below.

The way the jellyfish swam. So slowly. It was like it was taking a tour of this place. It was almost surreal.

Andrea explained that cleaner and clearer waters were a result of low tide and low traffic in the canals. This has led to the sediments sinking to the bottom. As such, there is an increased transparency of the water.

Who Is The Jellyfish?

The jellyfish is a species known as the Rhizostoma pulmo. It is a common sea creature from the Upper Adriatic Sea.

Dolly Parton Reads Bedtime Stories

Many of us are staying at home. And many parents are doing their best to entertain their young ones during the quarantine or simply while staying at home to save lives.

Dolly Parton started a series of videos, reading bedtime stories for the young ones. Titled as the ‘Goodnight with Dolly’ read-aloud series,she entertains children all over the world.

There are few more videos of this series. And I understand that she will be recording more. So, do subscribe to her channel to get updates, and have fun with your children watching Dolly read bedtime stories.

Who Is Dolly Parton?

She is the Queen of Country Music with a singing career that spanned decades since 1967. Many of her songs were number one on many song charts. She has won many awards including the Grammy and Academy Award.

Message from Frontliners

The medical professionals are working hard to save lives. They need our help. Here is a video message from the frontliners about the importance of staying home. How it can help to fight against Covid-19.

Everyone, please Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

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Let us all keep thinking positive thoughts with visualization of a world where everyone is healthy and happy.

Did you like our Good News article – Coronavirus Crisis – Good Things That Happened Part 2? Or have any question regarding anything mentioned in this article, ANY at all, please feel free to ask by adding a comment below. I will be more than happy to help.

I wish you good health, wealth and love.

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2 thoughts on “Coronavirus Crisis – Good Things That Happened Part 2”

  1. Hi Timotheus!
    What wonderful news in the midst of the Corona Crisis! This small virus can make such big things happening in the world. So many positive changes in nature. This shows how much we humans really are responsible for the pollution of our environment, our planet – our home!

    I hope this is a reminder and an impulse for us humans to change our behaviour to the better. Your affirmations are certainly a great help:” Every Day in Every Way I am Getting Better and Better” –> “Every Day in Every Way I am getting more and more gentle and considerate.”

    All the best,

    1. Hi Pernilla!

      Yes, there are good things that happened because of this pandemic. And a lot of it shows how much we, as a human race, has affected this planet. And without our interference, the earth is healing, and showing us what this world could really look like.

      I do hope people all over the world realize this now. And we will change our ways to live in harmony with nature and mother earth.

      Glad you found the affirmations affirmations helpful. I will be creating more soon. Do watch out for them. 🙂

      Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy.


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