What Is Manifestation About? – The Ultimate Guide

What is Manifestation About? - The Ultimate Guide
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These days, thanks to a popular book and video called The Secret, manifestation is a much talked about topic. In this article, I will share with you What is Manifestation About? – The Ultimate Guide.

Manifestation has become a popular topic. If you choose to find it, you will discover lots of stories about manifestation; such as manifesting immense wealth, financial abundance, good health, and even true love.

Looking back at my life, I now realize that I have been exposed to the topic of manifestation since young. And I have even encountered real life examples of manifestations.

And I am here to share with you more information about manifestation, why we are able to manifest, what are the things you can manifest, and the myriad ways to manifest.

Why Are We Able to Manifest?

When I first started to consciously manifest, I never really wondered why I was able to to do it. Then one day, during one of my deep meditations, as usual my Spirit Guide gave me a valuable lesson.

As always, it started with a chat. For that particular meditation, my Spirit Guide was discussing about the Universe with me. After a short while, he encouraged me to see the Universe as it really is.

Everything is Energy

With my third eye, I gazed at the Universe. And all I saw was energy. Everywhere was energy. And everything was energy. All types of energies. And all kinds of energies. In all forms.

But essentially, the entire Universe was all energy. It was energy vibrating at various frequencies. Even I was a being of vibrational energy. And so are you.

And there is the answer of why we are able to manifest.

Everyone of us has the power to bring energy into our physical reality. With an idea or our thoughts, we are able to attract that energy into existence.

And yes, I said – Everyone! There is no one so special that only he or she can manifest and no one else can. Everyone can. I can. And you can.

Now that you know why you are able to manifest, you can do it much more easily and better. The understanding helps you know the process of manifestation. And in knowing and understanding, you can do it.

Everyone has this natural ability to manifest. And I encourage you to use this ability to create the life you desire, the wealth you deserve, the true love you should have, and more.

Important Manifestation Tip – Always manifest for your own good and the good of all.

How to Manifest Anything?

Now that I have explained why we can manifest things, the next thing to learn is how to manifest anything. Yes, you read this right. We can manifest anything into our lives.

In fact, we are constantly manifesting. Whether we know it or not, we are constantly manifesting our desires.

You Can Manifest Anything
You Can Manifest Anything

At this point, you will most probably ask – Wait! Then why are my desires not evident in my life right now?

I know what you are asking. I have been through that before. I too have wondered the same question of why, if we are natural manifestors, are all my wishes not manifested?

The answer is that first, in order to manifest, you must have have focused intention. Many of us have many thoughts emerging in our head all the time. And many of these thoughts can contradict or cancel what we are manifesting.

Then, your energy must be in sync with the energy of what you wish to manifest. As mentioned before, our entire universe is made of various forms of energies in myriad vibrations and frequencies. In order for what you wish for to manifest into your life, your energy must be vibrating in the same frequency as that thing. For example, if you wish to manifest lots of money, then you must first learn what is the vibration and frequency of the energy of money. Then shift your vibrations and energies to the same.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla, inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist

So, how do you manifest anything you desire? Our thoughts and emotions carry frequencies. Change your thoughts and emotions to the frequency of that desired thing, and you will attract the thing that has the same energies of that same frequency.

How to Manifest with The Law of Attraction?

Have you heard of the book – The Secret? It was also made into a movie. When it first came out, many years ago, I watched the movie and devoured the book.

Basically, The Secret shared about one of the laws of the universe. And that is the Law of Attraction. There are other laws of the universe. But I will not discuss them in this article. I will share about them in future posts. So please do join the Flowing Love Meditation community to receive updates.

For now, let me continue sharing about The Law of Attraction. In this physical world, there is the law of gravity. Everything in this universe follows this law. So, when you throw an object from a cliff, the law of gravity makes sure that the object falls to the ground.

There is no doubt about this. And no other results. The Law of Attraction is just like the law of gravity. Because it is a law in this universe, it must happen. It is a law of the universe that states that the energies of two bodies that has the same frequency will be attracted to each other.

As such, to manifest, you can use high energy thoughts and emotions to attract good things into your life. The reason is that good things have high energy, vibration and frequency.

You Can Manifest with High and Happy Energies
You Can Manifest with High and Happy Energies

So, when you constantly think of good thoughts, you emit high and good energies. And you can bring into your life what you desire; such as happiness, joy, love, wealth, abundance, good health, and more.

What Can You Manifest Into Your Life?

Just like many of you, I was programmed to believe that we have limits. Since I started on this journey of manifesting, I have learned that we are actually limitless.

I know. It is not easy to have that kind of thought. Even today, I must admit that I still do have some limits in my thinking. But I am much better than before I started on this journey.

I have since learned to expand my limits. And have learned that I can manifest what I desire into my life. You too can manifest what you desire into your life.

Can You Manifest Abundance Into Your Life?

Sure you can. One of the first things I learned and tried to manifest into my life is abundance.

You Can Manifest Abundance
You Can Manifest Abundance

But, you may ask, what is abundance? I asked the same question when I was attempting to manifest it many years ago.

It was when I decided what I understand to be abundance, that it started to manifest into my life. To me, abundance was always having enough money, being able to afford a new house of my own, having a lifestyle of my choice, and more.

So you see, you can manifest abundance into your life. You have to decide what you perceive as abundance. Then practice the how to manifest methods below to create it into your reality.

Can You Manifest Money Into Your Life?

Definitely! Money is also a form of energy. And has a vibration and frequency, too. So, you have to be in that vibration and frequency of money to manifest it into your life.

You Can Manifest Money
You Can Manifest Money

But many of us have blockages when manifesting money. This could be due to past programming in our lives. Programming that have us thinking money is bad. And as such, we should not have money. When you think of that, of any reason money should not be in your life, then money will not be in your life.

Sometimes, the deep subconscious thoughts we have are blocks to manifesting money. I too had these blocks in the past. Even after I learned about the Law of Attraction from The Secret, I thought I understood the concept and removed the blocks.

Boy, was I wrong. It was many years later when I finally realized more about deep rooted blockages, what they were, and how I needed to change my thinking, that I finally am able to manifest money. Lots of it.

I will share more about this journey in future blog posts. Please join my I Love Good Health and Wellness community to get updates and learn how to manifest money just like me.

Can You Manifest Winning The Lottery?

Just like anything, yes you can manifest this, too. But from my experience, it is not simple or easy.

During every lottery draw, there are millions of people putting their hopes into winning. So many people manifesting. Some, of course, will not succeed the moment they have doubt.

Every lottery draw, there is a winner. This person has won because he or she has manifested this event to come true.

You Can Manifest Winning The Lottery
You Can Manifest Winning The Lottery

And since there must always be a winner, then why not do your best at manifesting? Since there must be a winner, why not it be you?

As for me, I have won before. Small and consolation prizes. Not a lot of money so far. And I believe, some day soon, I will win the big lottery prize, and enjoy the big windfall.

Can You Manifest Love Into Your Life?

I believe there is someone, true love, for everyone. For many years, I have been manifesting true love. So many times, someone came into my life, and I thought he is the one. After so long, I was ready to give up.

When a feng shui master predicted this year that there will be someone good who will appear in my life, I was hopeful. But because of past years experience, I hoped for the best and simply focused on my career. Then it truly happened, just as the feng shui master predicted.

You Can Manifest True Love
You Can Manifest True Love

So, yes. I believe we can manifest true love into our lives. Looking back, I realized I have been manifesting it for the longest time. Over the years, the ones who came that did not turn out to be true love, were just not meant to be.

This taught me the lesson of divine timing. That manifestation can take time. Especially when it is for the best for us, and for the highest good for all.

Can You Manifest Your Soul Mate Into Your Life?

A soul mate and true love are not the same thing. They can be the same person. But that, from my experience, is a rare occurrence.

So, while it is possible for you to manifest your soul mate, I would like you to think carefully. Are you looking to have true love or soul mate?

Be clear on which you would like to manifest. Then focus on that. And your soul mate will appear in your life.

How to Manifest Anything Into Your Life?

I have been manifesting for years. Over the years, I have researched and studied all the different ways to manifest. And I have tried those I feel comfortable with.

Each method has its own system and process. For each way, the important thing is to set your goal. Be focused on your desire and what you wish to manifest. Below are some of the ways I have tried, and find effective.

How to Manifest with Good and Positive Affirmations?

Again, I would like to mention that manifestation is done with good and positive thoughts. Ideally, we should constantly have these beneficial thoughts. When we do, we can manifest easily.

But most of us have gone through much in our lives, and negative thoughts appear often in our minds. I know I have these negative thoughts too. I have more of them in the past. With years of practice, I have fewer negative thoughts today.

Inspirational Quote by John F Demartini - Whatever We Think About and Thank About We Bring About
Inspirational Quote by John F Demartini – Whatever We Think About and Thank About We Bring About

But whenever I do have them, I make use of good and positive affirmations. I would read them and repeat them every day, especially when I catch myself having any negative thoughts. An example of a good and positive affirmation that I often use is – I am a money magnet.

I find that when I use affirmations, I can maintain a mind that thinks more good thoughts. On this website, there is a section where I share good and positive affirmations. You can visit the Affirmations section whenever you need to focus on good thoughts to help you manifest.

There are also the Motivational Quotes and Inspirational Quotes sections that offer you good and positive encouragement. When you read these, they will uplift you, and help you have higher vibrations and frequencies.

How to Manifest with Meditation?

I meditate regularly. And I have been meditating since a young child. I find meditation very good at practicing to focus my thoughts. This excellent way to practice and master focus can help you with manifestation.

When you find that your mind is constantly filled with a barrage of random thoughts, you should learn meditation and practice it. To help you focus. With focus, your thought energies are stronger. As such, you will be able to manifest much more easily.

When you first learn to meditation, you may learn to focus on your breath. As you get better at meditation, you can change that focused thought to what you wish to manifest in your life.

What is Breath Meditation and How to Practice It?
What is Breath Meditation and How to Practice It?

If you are new to meditation, you can learn what is it all about from an article that I wrote.

How to Manifest with A Vision Board?

The Secret taught all of us about using visuals to help with manifestation. Images are a wonderful way to communicate our heart’s desires. As mentioned above, we work with vibrations and frequencies. While words have the power of vibration and frequency, images can be a better option.

This is because with images there is less blockages or interference from other thoughts. When we look at images, and feel as if we are already having that in the picture, we can manifest much more easily.

One of the ways to work with images is to create a vision board. This is like a bulletin board. But instead of news, you fill the board with photos and images of what you wish to manifest into your life.

You Can Manifest with Vision Boards
You Can Manifest with Vision Boards

You can get the pictures from magazines, or you can print them from photos found on the Internet.

In the past, there was once I cut an advertisement of a smartphone from a magazine. It was a phone I wished to have. And it costs a lot. So back in those days, I did not imagine I could have one.

With the cutout advertisement, I added it to my vision board. Every day I would look at it, and imagine being a proud owner of the phone. Few months later, I really bought the same phone.

So, do try a vision board to help you manifest what you desire into your life.

How to Manifest with Scripting?

I discovered scripting only quite recently. And I do find it really powerful. I have since manifested quite many of what I wished for with this technique.

What I did was to find a notebook. Then I write a story about my life, of how I visualize it to be. And I write it in the present tense. As if I already have it now.

You Can Manifest with Scripting
You Can Manifest with Scripting

For example, if I am writing about winning the lottery, then I would write about buying the lottery ticket. Then winning the lottery. I would continue to write about collecting the winning amount, and putting it into the bank.

Keen to Learn More About Scripting?

7 Tips on How to Manifest by Scripting

How to Manifest with Water?

Have you heard of Dr Masaru Emoto? He found that the human consciousness can have an effect on the molecular structure of water. Here is a video about him and his work:

His most famous work is Messages from Water. He showed that when we have positive thoughts, the water is changed to beautiful forms.

When I learn of Dr Emoto’s work, a thought came to my mind. First, USGS has stated that our bodies are made up of up to 60% water. So, combining Dr Emoto’s work, if we can change the water to be filled with positive energies by projecting positive thoughts on it, our bodies will soon have water that is filled with positive energies.

In fact, I have a flask of water on the kitchen table with the words – Win Lottery – written on the surface of the flask. The idea is to change the water into positive energies that will encourage winning the lottery.

I then pour this water into another flask that has the words – Have Millions of Dollars – on it. The water in the latter flask is for my personal drinking.

Every day, I drink from this flask. I fill my body with water that has been programmed to manifest millions of dollars for me. You can do the same, too.

How to Manifest with Prayer and / or Ritual?

Prayers and rituals are powerful ways to manifest anything into your life. I have practiced quite a few. Here is one to help you manifest wealth and abundance.

How to Manifest Money with A Wealth Prayer and Ritual?

You can manifest money with a prayer and / or ritual. I know of a prayer and ritual that can help you attract wealth and abundance into your life.

I wrote about this prayer and ritual in a blog post. There is also a video to watch. Click the image below to read the blog post and watch the video.

Attract Wealth and Abundance with This Prayer and Ritual

How to Manifest with A New and Full Moon?

I can sense energies. And every new and full moon, I can feel the energies differ a little. After I met my shaman teacher, I learned from her that what I felt was correct.

The new moon has energies that help with new beginnings. It can be a new project or the start of manifesting something. As the new moon becomes the full moon, the energies change to the fulfillment of the wish made on the new moon.

You Can Manifest during the New and Full Moon
You Can Manifest during the New and Full Moon

So, what you need to do is to decide on what you wish to manifest. Then say or write it down on a piece of paper of what you desire. Do this during the new moon. Then, every night visualize this wish fulfilled, until the night of the full moon.

It is better to do this while in a meditative state. So, it is good to learn how to meditate.

How to Remove Negative Energies?

Now that you have read my article, you would have noticed one thing that I kept repeating. And that is – it is best to remove negative energies. Focus on good thoughts to create good energies.

Another way to remove negative energies is to do space clearing for your home and your self. I have written a few articles that can help you. They are:

I am sure the above articles can help you prepare your space and yourself to manifest much more easily.

For now, in this article, I would like to share with you my top three space clearing tools. If you like to get any of these, simply click on the image and you will be brought to the store.

My #1 Recommended Space Clearing Tool

This is my favorite space clearing tool. I highly recommend the White Sage Incense Stick, shown below. To me, it is one of the best space clearing tools. Click on the image to get it.

My #2 Recommended Space Clearing Tool

Singing Bowl is another excellent tool for Space Clearing. I use it when I either run out of stock for white sage incense or when I prefer to hear the beautiful sounds of this amazing gift.

My #3 Recommended Space Clearing Tool

Black Tourmaline is excellent for removing and repelling negative energies. Also, I like to get smaller ones that I use whenever I travel. I place them in the hotel rooms to keep away negative energies like ghosts.

  • 3.25" Orgone Triangular Pyramid w/ Black Tourmaline
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We come to the end of this article about What Is Manifestation About? - The Ultimate Guide. If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned here in this article, ANY at all, please feel free to ask by adding a comment in the comment box below. I will be more than happy to help.

I wish you good health, wealth and love.

Flowing Love Meditation for Inner Peace and Well-Being

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  1. Hi Timotheus, it was a pleasure reading your post, I love your positivity. Attractive, short, brandable domain too. Seriously, optimism and positive belief makes life so much more worth living. I work hard on staying positive. Thanks for sharing, ~ Elaine

  2. Wow- an excellent review of the concept of manifestation. I loved how you apply this term to several aspects of life. Especially when it comes to water and relationships, those were my favorite ones.

    I never thought deeply about manifestation. It’s a term I’ve heard every once and a while but didn’t digest that term where I understood it thoroughly.

    What an awesome read- thanks for sharing!

    1. You’re welcome, Eric. This article took more than a decade to create. As you can see, I wrote this based on my experience and knowledge about manifestation that I have learned for many years. And I am so happy and grateful to share about it.

      Also, as you have so correctly said, I applied manifestation in many areas of my life. This was something valuable shared in this article. And I am so happy and grateful you found the information about manifesting using water and manifesting love to be really good. And they are your favorites, too! In this case, please do join my good and positive community because I will be writing more about these topics! 🙂

  3. I really enjoy coming to this site and reaping the benefits of your knowledge, with what I have learned enables me to live a more positive life. I have worked on manifesting in the past and even recently to help keep a positive outlook on life and I continue to focus on where I want to be. I do find at times those negatives thoughts creep in and I have to take a step back and look at what I want. I will definitely try manifesting with meditation to see if it can help me to overcome the negative.

    1. I am so happy and grateful that you visit this website often, Dena. And I am glad that you found the information I presented useful and helpful. 🙂

      I know what you mean. Even I, too, at times, have negative thoughts suddenly take over my mind. And I use the affirmations, motivational quotes and inspirational quotes here to help me return my focus to positive thoughts. Positive thoughts help to manifest a better life and all the good things we desire to have.

      Manifesting with meditation is very powerful. I will be writing more about this, and all the other ways to manifest. Watch for the articles coming soon! 🙂

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