Coronavirus Crisis - Good Things That Happened - Part 1

Coronavirus Crisis – Good Things That Happened Part 1

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Covid-19 has affected each and every one of us in some way. During this dark time, I am featuring events with the hope that they can bring some light to all. I believe this will not be the only positive things that happened. As such, I have named this first of a series as – Coronavirus Crisis – Good Things That Happened Part 1.

Every day, as I read the news and social media posts, I see so much bad news. Sometimes, not bad but not good either.

At the same time, I did notice some good news. There were things that were happening that surprised the world. In a good way.

So, in line with the purpose of this website, posiTvty, I decided to compile as many of these stories as possible, and share them with you.

I do believe that there will be more good news related to this in the future. And as such, I have titled this as Part 1. I just know it will become a series.

In the coming days, weeks and months, when I come across more good and positive stories, I will add them to this series.

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What is Covid-19 (Coronavirus)?

Just in case you are not sure what Covid-19 is, here is a video by a doctor to explain everything you need to know about this coronavirus.

Wildlife Explores When Humans Stay Indoors

Wild Mountain Goats Take Over Welsh Town

I find this so adorable! These Kashmiri goats came from the Great Orme and into the town. They were originally a gift to Lord Mostyn from Queen Victoria.

Water in Venice Canals Becomes Crystal Clear

I have always loved the Venice Canals. All those movies have made it looked so romantic. I am sorry to admit that I did not know how bad the water has become.

Due to traffic and tourism, the waters in the Venice Canals have been dull and murky for a long time. Recently, due to no activity, the waters have become cleaner and clearer. Fishes have been spotted swimming in it, too.

This is awesome. Even dolphins returned! I did not know they swam there. I love dolphins!

Penguins Tour Chicago Aquarium

When I first saw this, I was tickled. The penguin named Wellington was so cute. The Chicago Aquarium was closed. Together with his friends, they were given free reign to explore the place.

The story and videos caught the Internet by storm. So, naturally they went viral.

Global shutdown has positive effects on environment

For the past weeks and even months, there has been less people traveling. There were fewer cars on the road. There were fewer flights.

As such, the pollution has dropped in many places all over the world. Scientists have also recorded a drop in carbon dioxide. All this has been a good thing for the environment.

I have always admired the Himalayan Mountains. For the first time in 30 thirty years, people are able to see the Himalayan Peaks. Isn’t this beautiful?

People Supporting Each Other

It warms my heart to see stories of people supporting each other during this crisis. One of the things people did was to show their gratitude to the heroes of this time, the medical professional.

Here is one of the many videos with people showing their love and admiration.

People Applaud Health Professionals Worldwide

People Applaud Health Professionals Worldwide

Health is very important. I know this, and recognized the importance even more now. It is heartwarming to see a fitness instructor from Seville, Spain give a class for his quarantined people.

A Village Celebrates A Five Year Old’s Birthday

Sawyer Kozachuk was turning 5. The community in his neighborhood would not let quarantine stop them from making his birthday special. They rode in their cars and gave him a parade he will never forget.

People Helping Each Other

Cuba, China and Russia Send Medical Aid to Italy

At a time like this, it is good to see countries helping another country in need.

People Are Recovering

101 Year Old Beats Covid-19

It is not all doom and gloom. This is what posiTVty is about. We look for the light in dark times. And here is really good news!

People are recovering from Covid-19. Here is one of them, a 101 year old lady who is cheered by healthcare workers as she left the hospital.

The Performers Give Back

The theaters are closed. So what do performers do?

They do what they love. They still perform. They do it online. And it is lovely.

Dutch Orchestra Virtual Performance From Homes

70 West End Stars Perform Les Misérables’ Do You Hear The People Sing

Bring Him Home Performed by Alfie Boe, John Owen-Jones And More

I know I already shared the above performance of a Les Misérables song. But the next performance is so good. And I must share it with you. Enjoy.

Andrea Bocelli Easter Sunday Performance

Andrea Bocelli generously performed on Easter Sunday, April 12 2020. Titled as Music For Hope, he sings live from Duomo di Milano. Definitely worth watching.

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Let us all keep thinking positive thoughts with visualization of a world where everyone is healthy and happy.

Did you like our Good News article – Coronavirus Crisis – Good Things That Happened Part 1? Or have any question regarding anything mentioned in this article, ANY at all, please feel free to ask by adding a comment below. I will be more than happy to help.

I wish you good health, wealth and love.

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