How to Manifest with Affirmations?

How to Manifest with Affirmations?

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I have always liked to be a person who thinks good and positive thoughts. But in the distant past, I struggled with negative thoughts that invaded my mind. You know how it is. Things happened around me, and a negative thought suddenly popped up.

After my spiritual re-awakening, I learned more about how thoughts create the world around me. Soon after, I learned about affirmations, and how to use them to keep thinking positive thoughts. Eventually, I learned How to Manifest with Affirmations?

After I started using them, I found my live changed for the better. Today, I would like to share with you a little bit of my spiritual journey, my spiritual discoveries about affirmations, and how to manifest using this powerful tool.

This article is part of a series of articles where I share my over 12 years of experience of manifestation. If you are new to this concept, I suggest that you read my Ultimate Guide to Manifestation first. If you are familiar with manifesting or prefer to just focus on this topic, please continue reading.

What is An Affirmation?

To me, an affirmation is a sentence that states our heart’s desire. It says what we wish to be or already am. Here is an example of an affirmation:

Affirmation - I Am A Money Magnet
Affirmation – I Am A Money Magnet

As shown above, the affirmation is ‘I Am A Money Magnet‘. This affirmation states your desire and wish to attract money. By using the words, ‘I Am’, you are affirming that you already are in that state of being.

Another couple of words that is very powerful for affirmations are, ‘I Have’. Here is an example of a ‘I Have’ affirmation:

Affirmation - I Have True Love
Affirmation – I Have True Love

When you use ‘I Have’ instead of ‘I Am’, you are saying that you already have that which you desire. The above is an affirmation to have true love in your life. As you can see, while ‘I Am’ is used more for affirming your state of being, the ‘I Have’ is often used to affirm getting things that you desire to have in your life.

Both are equally powerful. Use it appropriately for what you wish to manifest.

Why Do Affirmations Work for Manifestation?

Thoughts create things.

Things in this world. Things around us. Things that are everywhere.

We attract these things by our thoughts. The thoughts that create things.

When we think positive thoughts, we create positive thought energies. We become like a beacon and attract the same energies we are sending out.

Thoughts Attract Your Heart's Desire
Thoughts Attract Your Heart’s Desire

For example, when we think ‘I Am A Money Magnet’, you create the thought energies of these words. On an energy level, the message of you being a money magnet is imbued into these created thought energies.

The energies fill your entire being. They fill the energy spaces in your physical body. They merge and mesh with you other etheric bodies such as the emotional body, and the spiritual body.

Eventually, your entire being is filled with this energy that tells the Universe that you are a money magnet. After some time, as you regularly say this affirmation, the ‘signal’ gets stronger and stronger. At some point, you truly become a money magnet in the sense that money will be attracted to you, and will come to you.

How to Use Affirmations to Manifest?

First, you have to decide on your goal; what is it that you desire to manifest. Is it money? Or happiness? Maybe it is to have good health? Or to attract your true love?

After you have decided on what or whom you wish to manifest, then look for the affirmation. Find an affirmation that says exactly what you desire to create. Get one that you are comfortable with.

Tip – Find an affirmation that you resonate with.

It is the worst thing to do when you find an affirmation you do not resonate with or are uncomfortable with. Remember that when manifesting, you should feel good. It should make you happy. And you should find it easy or possible to believe in.

Finding an affirmation? Visit our Affirmations section. Lots to choose from.

After you found your affirmation or affirmations, you must read it every morning after you awake, and every night before you sleep. That is the very least amount of times. For me, I do that, and also whenever I find myself thinking negative thoughts, I whip up my affirmations, and I read them as many times as I can.

Important Manifestation Tip – Visualize with feelings as you read your affirmation.

One mistake that I used to make was to repeat my affirmations with any imagery or feelings. I just read it as it is. Oh, I had belief as an added ingredient. But it was not enough.

As the famous Swami Muktananda once said, “Everything is Feelings.” When you read your affirmations, you must conjure images of what it looks like when your manifestation has been created. On top of that, you must evoke the emotions that you feel when things you desire are already in your life.

Combine the affirmations with images and feelings, and you become a powerful creator of your reality.

Important Manifestation Tip – Always manifest for your own good and the good of all.

Why Do You Need to Use Affirmations?

Now that you understand what is an affirmation, and how you can use it to manifest your desires, you must learn to be careful of what you think. Remember thoughts create things.

The National Science Foundation says that an average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Not all these thoughts are from our conscious mind. Many of these are from our subconscious.

The same foundation study found out that 95% of these thoughts are repetitive thoughts. And 80% of these are negative!

Again, I remind you that thoughts create things. If 80% of your 12,000 to 16,000 thoughts per day are negative, you will create a reality that you will not like.

Positive Thoughts Create Good Things
Positive Thoughts Create Good Things

Think good and positive thoughts. Use good and positive affirmations. And you will create the wonderful reality you desire as well as attract all the good things into your life.

Where to Get Affirmations?

There are many resources on the Internet where you can find affirmations. Here at posiTVty, we have a section named Encouragement.

In this section, you will find many affirmations. Pick and choose the ones you would like to use to help you manifest.

I use the affirmations, motivational and inspirational quotes here, too. They help me think positive thoughts and create all good things in my life. My wish is they do the same for you, too.

In 2020, I will be sharing more of this information to help you manifest. To get all the information that I will be publishing soon, please join my I Love Good Health and Wellness Community to receive an updates.

We come to the end of this article about How to Manifest with Affirmations? If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned here in this article, ANY at all, please feel free to ask by adding a comment in the comment box below. I will be more than happy to help.

I wish you good health, wealth and love.

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4 thoughts on “How to Manifest with Affirmations?”

  1. This is great information and I was blown away to find out that with most people 80% of our thoughts are negative. I can see how our thoughts can become negative real quick. I try to do my best to keep positive in everything I do and live a more positive life; however, there are times that I have bad thoughts creep up on me and I think that using affirmation with manifesting may just do the trick. I will try that and see if it helps when having negative thoughts.

    1. Many people have no idea about that too, Dena – that 80% of our thoughts are negative. This is why it is so important to do affirmations. To replace the negative energies with positive ones. And by saying the affirmations over and over again, we achieve that.

      I will create more affirmations soon. Do let me know how the affirmations are working for you?

    1. Hi Reese. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I am so sorry I did not answer earlier. I thought I did. And upon checking again today, I realized I did not. Very sorry about that.

      I am very glad you enjoyed my blog post. And learned many things. It is good to know that I am teaching, and people are learning. And thank you for the high praise, too.

      I hope you are doing well?

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