The Portal to Another Dimension in My Friend's Home

The Portal to Another Dimension in My Friend’s Home

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Hi Everyone. It’s the Chinese Hungry Ghost Month. And I am sharing personal spiritual experiences.

Today’s story is about a visit to a friend’s home. And a discovery of a portal to another dimension in her house.

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A Call for Help

After my spiritual awakening, and my psychometry ability was back, I had a call from my friend. At first, it seemed like a casual call to catch up. But, I could sense something was off. So I asked her if there was anything troubling her?

She chuckled nervously and said it seemed even over the phone I could tell. She continued to tell me that the day before the call. When she was taking a shower, she felt this thing slowly moving along her back from the bottom of her spine to her neck. It felt like a finger.

At first, she thought it was a then-boyfriend, and now-husband, playing a prank on her. They were staying at one of those old colonial houses. It was a rental. And the bathroom was on the second floor.

She shouted at her boyfriend to cut it out. To stop playing around. To her surprise, he shouted ‘What?’ from the kitchen. She told me that the kitchen was quite a distance from the bathroom. And there was no way her boyfriend could have run so fast to the kitchen. If he was the one playing the prank.

She freaked out. Then she remembered about me, about my ability to see spirits. That was why she gave me a call. It was to ask me for help.

Visit to My Friend’s House

Her rented colonial house was not easy to get to. The only way to get there was to drive a car. Fortunately, she drove, and she picked me up and together we went to her house.

When we arrived, we had some snacks and tea. I needed to ‘warm up’. For my energies to settle, in a sense.

After some snacking and chat, I could feel I was ready. I informed her that I was ready. And we began.

We went to the bathroom. And I could see what she meant. There was no way for her boyfriend to run to the kitchen in a few seconds.

I moved around the bathroom to try to sense any strange energies. There was none. We went around the second floor. And nothing. Then we proceeded to the ground floor, and started with the living room. Almost immediately, my senses tingled.

The Portal to Another Dimension

I went around the living room. And soon discovered that what set off my senses tingling was the sofa. There was something off about it. Every time I go near it, I could feel strange energies.

And then my psychometry kicked in. I saw images of an energy portal (that’s the closest way I can describe it). And I saw demon like creatures popping in and out of this portal.

I asked my friend where she got the sofa from? She told me that there was a small shed in the garden. And it was locked. They broke the lock and found the sofa. It was still good. Almost new. So, they thought that it was such a waste to leave it in the shed. So, they brought it into the house and used it.

I told her there was something wrong with the sofa. And commented that there must have been a reason that the previous owners locked it in the shed. And I told her what I saw. Her eyes opened wide. And I could see she was almost in a state of shock and panic.

Closing the Portal

She asked me what to do it about it. Back then, I had just reawakened. And I was again new to all this spiritual stuff.

I knew of some simple things to temporarily block negative energies. I gave her instructions on what to do. At the same time, I told her it was temporary. And I don’t think it can hold back those creatures for long.

I suggested consulting someone who is more experienced. There was a Taoist priest whom my friend and I had a reading with a long time ago. We remembered him, and we went to seek his advice.

When he saw us, he knew what was wrong. Without us telling him anything, he told us that there was a portal at my friend’s house. And little demons are coming in from another dimension to wreak havoc.

He gave my friend instructions on what to do in order to close the portal. There were some items to get to do the ritual
We went to the shops that sold spiritual items to get them. Then we followed the priest’s instructions and performed the ritual.

After that, I could sense the portal no more. And ever since then, my friend informed me there have been no strange supernatural happenings at her home.

The Portal to Another Dimension in My Friend’s Home

Final Thoughts
by Timotheus Lee

That was quite an experience for me. And not the first or the last portal I would encounter. But those are more stories for another time. And I will share them here on this website. So, remember to join the Flowing Love Meditation community to receive notifications whenever I publish a new video or blog post.

What are your thoughts on the energy portals and demons or creatures coming into our world through them? Did you have any supernatural encounters? Tell me about it in the comments below.

I wish you good health, wealth and love.

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