Affirmation - Money Comes to Me in Increasing Quantities from Multiple Sources on A Continuous Basis Easily and Effortlessly

Money Comes to Me In Increasing Quantities From Multiple Sources

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Money Comes to Me in Increasing Quantities from Multiple Sources on A Continuous Basis Easily and Effortlessly. This was one of the first few affirmations I learned when I was introduced to the Law of Attraction.

It was during an online course by Bob Proctor about the Twelve Laws of the Universe. He spoke about the law of attraction, and an affirmation that he used regularly. It was this affirmation.

I listened to the words, and found it really good and powerful. Since then, I have said this affirmation every day.

How I Used This Affirmation?

At first, I simply said these words without any feelings. It was just a repetition of what was taught to me. Just a recitation without any thought, feeling or visualization.

Since then, I have learned to do it better. I say this affirmation every day. I say it when I pray at the altar at my home every morning. And I say it whenever I have a negative thought about money. This is so that I cancel that negative thought.

And most importantly, I say it with visualization and feeling. This is to change my frequency and vibration to change my reality.

I would see money coming to me, from multiple sources. From projects that I do. From teaching gigs that I have. From my online businesses. From the investments. And many more.

And I would feel so happy and grateful for the money coming to me. And I see the money coming to me regularly. Not just once or twice. I see it keep flowing to me, and into my bank accounts continuously.

How My Life Changed After I Used This Affirmation Correctly?

Without revealing too much, let me just say that my financial situation has improved a lot since. And it is continuing to improve every day.

When you practice this affirmation, please be patient. Give the Universe time to set things up, and start sending you money.

How You Can Use This Affirmation?

I have shared how I use this affirmation. You can do the same, too.

Here is an additional tip for you. One of the secret to manifesting is that you must take action, too.

One action you can take is to say the affirmation, and combine it with other tools. These can be crystals, a vision board, meditation, etc.

How To Manifest With Crystals
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Then be open to receive. Before receiving the money, be receptive to messages from the Universe. These can be signs. Observe the messages, and interpret them. Then take inspired action.

So, do not just say this affirmation and then expect the Universe to do everything for you. You need to take action. And do what you can, too.

Then, trust the Universe to co-create with you. Believe that it has already happened.

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