Family Needs Help Volunteers Give Free Home Makeover

Family Needs Help, Volunteers Give Free Home Makeover

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This story is close to home. It happened in Singapore. This piece of Good News showed me that there are still good people in this country, and in the world. The story is about – Family Needs Help, Volunteers Give Free Home Makeover.

Every morning, I browse the Google feed, and see many sad and depressing news. Today, I am so happy and grateful to come across this story.

It was a story about a family in need of better living conditions, a grassroot leader who stepped up and organized help, and volunteers who came and gave the best gift to an elderly couple and their son.

Family Needs Help, Volunteers Give Free Home Makeover – The Video

Here is the video by The People’s Association (a local Singapore organization), featuring this story. It can get emotional. Get ready tissues, and please watch.

Update: the video is now not available

Who Is The Family That Needed Help?

The Yeong family stayed at one of the districts in Singapore. They lived in a government flat called HDB (Housing Development Board). They have been there for many years.

Over the years, clutter accumulated. There were stuff kept in plastic bags all over the place. Bed bugs and insects were also rampant.

Dirty and Cluttered Home
Dirty and Cluttered Home – image screengrab from the People’s Association video

Madam Yeong was in her sixties. And her husband was also in his sixties. He was wheelchair-bound after suffering a stroke. They have a son who lived with them too.

The living conditions were so bad that Madam Yeong slept every night on a chair, and her husband slept on the wheelchair. The son slept on pieces of cardboard laid in the kitchen.

How Did Volunteers Help?

Grassroot Leader, Madam Chris Chu heard about their predicament. She gathered volunteers to help clean the Yeong’s flat. What started as a small group of volunteered turned out to 60 volunteers.

They cleaned the flat by removing all the rubbish. And stored the Yeong’s belongings at a warehouse.

Pest control was brought in to clear the home of all the bugs and insects. The pest control generously did the whole treatment for free!

Eventually, the whole apartment was given a fresh coat of paint. And some new furniture were bought for the family. When the Yeong returned to their flat, they could not believe their eyes. It was like a totally different house.

Please watch the video above for the whole story.

Who is Volunteer Group?

While the Yeong family’s plight was highlighted by the Serangoon Moral Family Service Centre, the large group of 60 volunteers were from the volunteer group called Keeping Hope Alive.

Keeping Hope Alive
Keeping Hope Alive – image screengrab from the People’s Association video

They did a great job. Bless them.

Volunteers Help Home Makeover For Elderly Residents
Volunteers Help Home Makeover For Elderly Residents – image screengrab from the People’s Association video

Who is Grassroot Leader?

When you watch the video above, it will explain that the grassroot leader was Madam Chris Chu. Watch the video for more information about who she is, and how she has been helping the people at Braddell Heights.

Madam Chris Chu - Grassroots Leader
Madam Chris Chu – Grassroots Leader – image screengrab from the People’s Association video

Bless her.

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2 thoughts on “Family Needs Help, Volunteers Give Free Home Makeover”

  1. This is great news, some people can get so overwhelmed and not have the income to do what is needed and when health is bad that contributes to hopelessness even more. It is great that there are organizations out there that really care and ready to help out families in dire need. I am sure the family was totally delighted to have a great place to live and a bed to sleep in.

    1. Totally agree with you, Dena. This is why it is important to stay inspired and motivated, and to keep moving on and forward. I hope the family grows from this experience, and keeps their home beautiful and filled with love. I believe the family was very happy with the improved home.

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