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I Channeled the Flowing Love Meditation

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Hi everyone!

In my previous blog post, I talked attending a meditation course. I have been meditating ever since. And one night, during one of the meditations, I Channeled the Flowing Love Meditation. Read on to find out what happened.

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Transcript: I Channeled the Flowing Love Meditation

It was the year 2000.

My best friend and I will meet up every once a week. Let’s call my best friend J.

It was always really nice to meet up every week and catch up. He had his own place and he would cook dinner.

He was great at cooking. He was an excellent cook and his meals were always so delicious.

After dinner we would watch a tv show. And to relax and to let the food digest.

After the show, we would dim all the lights, and sit and meditate.

Energies and Information Download

Every session, every meditation session was so wonderful. After each session, we would feel so relaxed, so at peace, and feel so happy and joyful.

During one of those sessions, one of those nights, during the meditation something happened to me.

As I sat and meditated, I could feel these strong energies flowing down to me and into me. The energies were really strong and powerful.

After the meditation, I mentioned my experience to J. I told him what happened. That I was feeling this strong energies flowing down to me.

And I shared that it felt like something was given to me. But at the point of time I had no idea what was it. It was something given to me but I have no idea what it was.

And J you know was very wise. He suggested that I just relax and just let it happen. Just go about doing everything normally. And then see what happens you know. And he said that I would know in time for sure.

So I did just that. I went home. And slept.

I Channeled Flowing Love Meditation

In the following days, I did my usual routine.

Woke up.


Went to work.

Had lunch.


Had dinner.

And repeat.

After a few days, suddenly one night around 2 a.m., I woke up.

I woke up and I had this feeling that suddenly knew what was given to me. It suddenly became crystal clear.

All the information suddenly came to my mind. So, I switched on my laptop and opened up the word document and I started to type.

And I typed all the information that came to me. I just let it flow and flow into the word document. After I typed it, I looked at the text. I started to read it.

I read it from start to end. And then I realized that I had actually typed a full meditation practice.

And it was called Flowing Love Meditation.

So later, during one of the meditations, I was told that it was given to me by Avalokitshvera, who is also known Kwan Yin.

There is a connection between Avalokiteshvara and me. And I will share that story another day.

Continuing about this, I received the meditation and in the next episode I will share the entire Flowing Love Meditation with you.

So don’t miss it okay?

I Channeled the Flowing Love Meditation

Timotheus Final Thoughts

Honestly, I thought that was the first time I channeled. But, later on, I learned it was not. It could be one of the reasons why my family and relatives acted strangely whenever I spoke anything spiritual. Not to worry. I don’t do that anymore.

But I would like this website to be a safe space. Not just for me. But for everyone.

I am sure there are others out there who also have spiritual experiences. Have the psychometric ability. Can read minds. Able to channel. And so much more.

Please do not be afraid. You are not alone. Let’s go through this together.

Meantime let me know in the comments if you are meditating and what are the experiences you have?

Well, I will share more in future videos and blog posts. So, remember to join the Flowing Love Meditation community, and get updates whenever I publish a new episode.

If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned here in this blog post, ANY at all, please feel free to ask by adding a comment in the comment box below. I will be more than happy to help.

I wish you good health, wealth and love.

Flowing Love Meditation for Inner Peace and Well-Being

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