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Meeting a Spiritual Group

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Hi everyone! Today, I share my experience during a time when I had a Meeting with a Spiritual Group.

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Watch: Meeting a Spiritual Group

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Transcript: Meeting a Spiritual Group

So Friday came and after work I went to meet this friend of mine. And my friend brought me to this place where the spiritual group met up.

It was a very lovely place. A private house in private estate. Very well decorated. Spacious. Very lovely. The large hall was ideal for a relatively large group to meet.

We were there a bit early. So I was introduced to the hosts. A very nice couple.

Then in the next half an hour or so people started to slowly trickle in and I was introduced to some of them as they arrived.

Well, it seemed that my presence had been told ahead of that meeting because I could see all of them kind of know that I have this psychometric ability. And they were kind enough not to offer a handshake you know when we were introduced.

Then when people started to arrive and everybody was there, things started to move on. And it was quite smooth the way things moved in this group.

People were easy to speak and talk to. They all started talking about their spiritual experiences.

I was mostly quiet. Just listening to everyone. Partly afraid to share.

Then finally the host turned to me and asked me if there was something I would like to share?

Getting Help from the Spiritual Group

And boy I was so very nervous. What do i say? Where to start? And I even wondered if they think I am crazy? You know, so many of these thoughts came to my mind.

But finally after quite a long nervous silence, and they patiently waited, I took courage and I shared about my first psychometric experience and how what other experiences I had. And how it has evolved.

And all that when it started, how it started, what happened and all. Everything that I have experienced since my first psychometric experience.

And then I surprised myself when I suddenly blurted out my wish. And it was for all of that to end.

I did not want it. This psychometry.

The tsunami of images from people was overwhelming. It was getting too much. It was affecting my work, affecting my life and I needed it all to stop.

The Reiki Master

At that point, there was a gentleman who stepped forward. And I later learned that he was a reiki master. And he was quite well respected in the group.

He suggested that I put up a psychic barrier. And that was, to me, since I reawakened, that was the first time I heard of such a thing.

So I wonder what it was? And I asked if he could teach me?

He agreed to teach me.

So what did he teach me? I will share in my next blog post.

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Meeting a Spiritual Group

Timotheus Final Thoughts

I consider myself very fortunate. To receive help when I needed it. I suppose that is how the spiritual realm works with the mundane world.

I have since learned about the Law of Attraction. And perhaps I did attract this guidance to me. And I am grateful to this group and the reiki master.

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I wish you good health, wealth and love.

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