House Blessing Ceremony Attracted Divine Beings

House Blessing Ceremony Attracted Divine Beings

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Hi Everyone.

It is no secret that I can see energies, other dimensions and beings from other realms. And one of the reasons I can do it is because of constant meditation practice.

I will mention one particular meditation in the later part of this video, that has helped me boost my psychic abilities. Don’t miss that.

Before I share about that meditation, let me share a story about a House Blessing Ceremony that Attracted Divine Beings.

In today’s blog post, I share with you How to Trust the Universe and Let Everything Fall Into Place? And I will be sharing a story I posted on the Kryon Forum in 1998 to show you how to do it.

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Watch: House Blessing Ceremony Attracted Divine Beings

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A House Blessing in 1999

I’ve mentioned before that I had a blog years ago where I shared my spiritual experiences. Now, I am adding those blog posts and stories to this channel. And today is about a wonderful spiritual experience that happened way back in 1999.

I will actually share what I wrote back then. So, here is the blog post:

– – – start of blog post shared back in 1999 – – –

Hello Family,

Christmas 1999 went by so quickly. And I’m still feeling good! 🙂

How is everyone?

On Boxing Day (26 December 1999), my friend Suki invited me to her new apartment for housewarming. After the guests have all arrived, Suki invited everyone to listen and enjoy a trio of spiritual musicians perform a blessing for her home.

The three musicians are Singaporeans Indians (that is their ancestors came from India). One played a dholak, another played the bina and the third played tiny cymbals.

Before the blessing, each of them introduced themselves and explained the blessing they are to perform. It is a blessing ritual that is performed also in Indian temples on holy days.

As the performance began, each guest sat comfortably where ever they wish. I chose the floor and in a semi-lotus position.

The chanting began, followed by the drums. Then the bina and the cymbals.

As the blessing progressed, I felt so at peace. Then I saw the Spirit Masters appear in Suki’s home.

Each of the Spirit Masters were spinning round and round as the music went on. And above all of us, there was a lovely vortex of energy spinning.

It was such a beautiful sight.

At the end of the performance, all of us thanked the musicians. The guests sat down again and shared our experiences. Really cool! 🙂



– – – end of blog post shared back in 1999 – – –

What Was the Vortex of Energy?

It really looked like a vortex. There was energy everywhere that looked like bright white light. And they were spinning round and round.

It appeared above all of us who were present for the house blessing ceremony. And spiralled upwards. There seemed to be no end to where it spiralled upwards to.

Who Were the Divine Beings?

There were so many of them who appeared. In the original blog post, I referred to them as Spirit Masters.

Don’t know why I used that term. But now, I prefer to use the words – Divine Beings.

I feel it is a more accurate description of who they were. And they were Divine Beings.

They were all smiling. And they were spinning round and round to the sound of the music. They looked so happy.

House Blessing Ceremony Attracted Divine Beings

Final Thoughts by Timotheus Lee

It truly was a blessing to be in the presence of the Divine Beings. I am sure everyone who was present was blessed. And my friend, Suki, and her home must have been very blessed.

I mentioned at the start of the video that I can see energies, spirits, realms and more because of constant meditation. I do many types of meditation. And have been doing it since I was a young boy.

Today, these days, I do mostly the Flowing Love Meditation. It is, after all, a very powerful meditation. And a gift from Avalokiteshvara, also known as Guan Yin Bodhisattva.

So, I encourage you to practice Flowing Love Meditation. And do it often.

If you like to find out more about this guided meditation, you can go to the Flowing Love Meditation YouTube channel, and check out the Flowing Love Meditation playlist.

If you like to find out more about this guided meditation, you can check out the other blog posts on this website:

Do you have any questions about the topic in this video, that is the House Blessing Ceremony Attracted Divine Beings? Tell me in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

I will be sharing more about spiritual experiences, meditation and meditation related topics in future videos and blog posts. Remember to join the Flowing Love Meditation community to be updated whenever I publish a new video or blog post.

I wish you good health, wealth and love.

Flowing Love Meditation for Inner Peace and Well-Being

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