What Are Ghosts? Seeing Ghosts and Types of Ghosts

What Are Ghosts? Seeing Ghosts and Types of Ghosts

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Hi Everyone.

This channel continues the theme of ghosts, hauntings, anything paranormal for the month of the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival. Today, let’s discuss what ghosts are.. And I share my views based on my true experiences with ghosts.

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There have been stories of ghosts found in almost every culture. Many of the stories date back to long time ago. Perhaps even to the dawn of history.

We don’t have to go that far back. I have shared some true ghost stories on this website. You can find them all in the Supernatural option in the main menu.

Many people are interested about ghosts. That’s why there are books, tv shows and movies about them. I have watched many tv shows and movies about ghosts and hauntings.

And because of my personal experience with ghosts and spirits, I sometimes find myself checking to see if they got their stories right. Hahaha

Seeing Ghosts

Since young, I have been able to sense and even see ghosts and other forms of spirits. Actually, most of the time I see divine beings like angels, spirit guides, and others. On occasions, I have encountered ghosts.

Popular belief is that angels, spirit guides and so forth are higher energies. And ghosts, demons, and others are of lower energies.

There is also the belief that people can see ghosts when their personal energies are low. I do not find this to be always the case. There are people like me who can see spirits at any time.

So, not necessary because of low energies. And yet, at the same time, I do understand why people believe that when their energies are low, they can see ghosts.

Everything is Energy. I always say this. And believe in it.

Ghosts are beings of lower energies. So, when a person’s energies are low, they become in sync with everything around them that is of lower energies. And because ghosts are of lower energies, a person with low energy has a chance to see them.

Types of Ghosts

A ghost is a ghost. And there are different types of ghosts.

There are those that are loved ones who recently passed away. Those that have died a long time ago, and haunting a place.

There are those that wander aimlessly. There are those that can be violent. There are those that can physically interact with the world and us.

Messages from The Other Side

Loved ones who passed away and return quickly appearing as ghosts is a phenomenon that is quite common. That is, to me it seems that way.

I’ve met many people who had these experiences. And so did I.

They return because of unfinished business, or they have an important message for those still here in earth, or it could even be to seek help.

For example, when I was in Phuket, after the 2004 earthquake. When I volunteered to help the survivors.

There were many whose loved ones departed due to the disaster. And returned with messages for their spouses, partners, families.

They came back because they felt their loved ones needed them. And the ties so strong that they returned .

I shared this story in an earlier blog post. It is titled as Messages from the Dead – 2004 Phuket Tsunami.

Messages from the Dead - 2004 Phuket Tsunami
Messages from the Dead – 2004 Phuket Tsunami

Sometimes, a departed loved one who has been gone for many years may come back as a ghost, too. This is especially when they have an important message to give to their family. Or they need help.

There was one time when a cousin of mine dreamed that her father came to visit her mother’s new home. He was wearing a shirt smeared in blood. And he asked her why she has not visited him for a long time.

Turned out he needed help from her. I will share about this story in a future blog post. So, remember to subscribe to get updated whenever I publish this story.

Ghosts and Haunted Places

Ghosts haunting a place is another phenomenon that is so common. Usually, this happens when someone died at a location. And they haunt that place.

So many stories about such things happening. I shared a story about a ghost in a hotel room in a little town in Rome, Italy where I stayed for a short while.

The Ghost in My Hotel Room, Rome, Italy
The Ghost in My Hotel Room, Rome, Italy

Some ghosts who haunt a place do not seem to be aware of people around them. They go about doing their own things as if they are still living their life that has passed.

Then there are those that are aware of people in the same space as them. But are do not realize they have died. And they wonder why people are in their homes.

Some ghosts react violently to such perceived intrusion into their space. Some get confused and may avoid people. Some just get annoyed, like the ghost in the hotel room I mentioned.

Violent Ghosts

Violent ghosts are those that I consider the most dangerous. Sometimes they are haunting a place, and they are upset about something or annoyed with people invading their space. And they can get violent.

Some can even be poltergeists. They can physically interact with the world and us. Some move things to get our attention and may not be violent or harmful. And some can move things and be violent, too.

Some are acutely aware of people around them, and can actually make eye contact with them. And then there are those ghosts who are attracted to our soul’s light.

I remember once, a long time ago, my Mom was babysitting a young boy. One day, it was discovered that a ghost was following the boy around. And the ghost was attracted to the boy’s light and wanted to have it. That is very dangerous

I will share more about this story in a future blog post. Remember to subscribe and get notifications so that you know when I publish this blog post.

What Are Ghosts? Seeing Ghosts and Types of Ghosts

Final Thoughts by Timotheus Lee

Of course, there are many more types of ghosts. It all depends how anyone will categorize them. One blog post is not enough cover them all. The above are just some types, and some examples.

Another thing to share with you is that often the presence of a ghost can be felt. People like me can sense them. I feel a change in the energy within a space. And I have grown to recognize when it is the presence of a ghost.

Some people have reported that they smell something horrible, like a rotting smell. Some even smell a sweet fragrance, like flowers. There can be sounds too.

The thing about all these signs is to not acknowledge them. If you do, there is a chance the ghost will notice, and follow you or haunt you.

I will share more about the supernatural world and stories in future videos and blog posts here on this website. So, remember to join the Flowing Love Meditation community to receive notifications whenever I publish a new video or blog post.

Have you had supernatural experiences like what I have just shared? Have you seen ghosts? Tell me about it in the comments below.

I wish you good health, wealth and love.

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