Affirmation - I Am A Money Magnet

I Am A Money Magnet – 8 February 2020

Affirmation - I Am A Money Magnet
Affirmation – I Am A Money Magnet

This affirmation helps you to attract money into your life. It is a simple phrase. Just say it once in the morning after you wake up. And one more time before you sleep.

During the day, when you have negative thoughts, recite this phrase again. Do it until you only have this thought in your mind.

When you say this affirmation, imagine yourself becoming a powerful attraction force for money. And money cannot resist flowing to you. See yourself having as much money as you desire. See yourself happy and smiling.

At the same time, feel it. Feel the happiness when you have lots of money. Feel as if it has already happened to you.

I practice all I shared above. And this has really helped me manifest more money into my life. I truly would like the same happen to you.

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