Coronavirus Crisis Stories to Help You Have Faith in Humanity Restored

Coronavirus Crisis Stories to Help You Have Faith in Humanity Restored

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Once again, a new strain of coronavirus has spread to many cities around the world. In this dark and difficult time, I found some light. I found Coronavirus Crisis Stories to Help You Have Faith in Humanity Restored. And I would like to share them with you in this post.

At posiTVty, I encourage thinking good and positive thoughts. It is hoped that this post helps people to see the best in people. To think good and positive thoughts about humankind and the world.

I believe thoughts create things. And by thinking good and positive thoughts, I believe that together we can create a better world.

I hope that as you continue to read the rest of your article, you create good and positive thoughts. And together let us create a world of good health, happiness, peace, harmony, wealth and success!

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What Is The Coronavirus?

I do not really want to focus too much on the negative side of this topic. But at the same time I think it’s good to share at least the basic information about the coronavirus.

I am no expert. But the information in this section comes from what I have learned from reliable sources such as government health organisations, and World Health Organization.

From what I have learned from those sources, the current coronavirus crisis is a new strain. It is part of a family of pathogens that cause respiratory illness in birds and mammals. People are infected now because the virus has jumped from those species and to the humans species.

The first human who was infected was in Wuhan. It spread in the city and also around the world. It is likely spread through coughing and sneezing.

Currently, at the point of this writing this article, there are around 9,826 people infected globally*. And there has been 259 deaths in China**.

The numbers change daily. I will not report that here as this is not what this article is about. You can get the information online. Please do get it from a reliable source; for example from your government health body. For me, I rely on my country’s Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization.

If you need to learn more about the coronavirus, below is a video by the World Health Organization that can help you understand this crisis further.

Who Are The Heroes In This Coronavirus Crisis?

During this crisis, amidst the chaos, I found stories of heroism. Brave people in the medical services sacrificing their own safety to help others. These list of people includes the doctors, nurses, paramedics, even the admin staff and many more.

Below is a video of a doctor who worked so hard to help his patients. He did it and is still doing it to the point of exhaustion. Please watch.

As China sends more help to the city of Wuhan, we see brave doctors and nurses leaving their family and loved ones. It is a dangerous mission. Many may not return.

In the tweet below, a mom was seen saying her farewell to her daughter. She promises to return to her daughter as soon as she can. But really, there is no guarantee. Let us hope and pray all of them return to their loved ones safely.

I saw another video, and I would like to share it with you. In this video, bus loads of medical service personnel are leaving to help Wuhan. A man calls out to his loved one. And shouts, “I love you!” Then he breaks down and sobs uncontrollably. It is both touching and heartbreaking.

Please click on the Play button to watch the video.

And in this video, we see the heroes, military medics, going to Wuhan to assist with this crisis.

In this video that I found, we can hear about the fears that the people in medical services face. And the fatigue they have from doing as much as they can to help others. Please watch the video below.

The above are just some of the stories about the heroism of the medical services personnel. I salute them. And I wish them well. Also, I am thankful we have heroes like them. I hope you feel the same?

Who is The Good Samaritan During The Coronavirus Crisis?

It is good to know that good samaritans still exist in this world. Two policemen at a police station in China had a surprise visit from a stranger.

He walked in and left a box of face masks. These masks can help the police force. They protect people. The masks can give them at least some protection while they do their self sacrificing work.

As the stranger left quickly, we see two policemen giving him a salute. A sign of respect and gratitude.

To see what happened, watch the video below.

I too have full admiration and respect for the good samaritan. Let us all do what we can. Every little bit of good can help create a better world for all of us, and for our children’s future.

How Do The People of Wuhan Support Each Other?

To me, this is a beautiful video. The people of Wuhan have to stay in their homes. Some are fortunate to be with their loved ones. Some live alone.

In the quiet darkness of the night, lit by lights from homes, the Wuhan people shout encouragement to each other. They cheer each other with the Chinese words – Wuhan Jiayou!

In English, the words mean ‘Wuhan, do your best!’ or ‘Wuhan, stay strong!’. It can also mean ‘Wuhan, hang in there!’ or ‘Wuhan, I’m rooting for you!’ or ‘Wuhan, best wishes!’.

You get the idea. Watch the video below to see the Wuhan people cheering each other.

Below is another video on Twitter, showing more of this wonderful support and cheering for each other in Wuhan.

This is how it should be, isn’t it? We are one human race. We should be caring for each other, supporting and cheering for each other.

Is There Finally A Cure For The Coronavirus?

According to RT website***, since the outbreak started, there had been one patient who has been cured and discharged from the hospital. The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission confirmed this news. According to the Beijing Daily newspaper, the patient showed signs of improvement and her blood tests came back negative.

First Coronavirus Patient Cured
First Coronavirus Patient Cured, image: screen shot from RT article

RT also reported that there has been 38 patients who have recovered since.***

38 Coronavirus PatientsCured
38 Coronavirus PatientsCured , image: screen shot from RT article

To me, this is great news. If they can cure one person, there is hope to cure the rest. Also there may be a chance to create a vaccine.

Let us all keep thinking positive thoughts with visualisation of a world where everyone is healthy and happy.

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* Statistics of number of people infected with coronavirus – source: World Health Organization, 1 Feb 2020

** Number of deaths due to coronavirus – source: The Guardian, Live Update, 1 Feb 2020

*** First patient cured – source: RT, Chinese authorities announce first CURED coronavirus patient discharged from hospital in Shanghai, 24 Jan 2020

10 thoughts on “Coronavirus Crisis Stories to Help You Have Faith in Humanity Restored”

  1. Wow! This is amazing.
    Ever since this corona virus news has spread, people have become more and more protective of themselves. But now I see some other people rushing towards the virus, only to save someone they might have never met in real life.
    Faith in humanity is restored.

    Thanks for sharing these heart warming videos.

    Best of Luck!

    1. You’re welcome, Sulaiman.

      And yes, in times like these when people are fearful, it is heartwarming to see heroes running towards the danger, sacrificing so much, and doing their best to help and save others.

      I am so glad you enjoyed this piece, and have your faith in humanity restored.

      Please do join our I Love Good and Positive Things community to receive regular updates that help you have good and positive thoughts.

  2. Thanks for the post, it revealed a lot and I truly appreciate that, I feel so sorry and my condolences to the victims, I hope the world will be healed. Once again thanks.

  3. Thank you for sharing these thought-provoking stories about coronavirus. I am so sorry to hear about the many people affected. So grateful for the doctor who worked tirelessly to help so many people. 8 procedures a day is overload and I pray he gets help from other good doctors so he can take better care of himself and rest.

    I did not know that this disease was spread from live animals to humans. I have heard however that the flu is worst than the coronavirus, although the flu is more common. I haven’t heard though like the coronavirus, any instances where the flu was crossed over from animals to humans though. Very good info. you have! God bless.

    1. You’re welcome, Michele. And thank you too for all your kind compliments. I am very happy and grateful that my article has helped increase awareness of this epidemic.

      I agree with you that the poor doctor has been overworked. To his credit, he truly cares, and does his best. I too hope he gets help and gets some rest.

      Yes, the flu, at this point of time, is worse than the coronavirus. I do not mean to diminish the flu virus. Or its impact on our world. This article was only meant to highlight the coronavirus, and to help people see that there are still good people in this world. And most of all, there is hope in mankind.

  4. It is wonderful that the people are trying to be positive and there are so many joining together to help out during this crisis. I think it is great news that one person was able to get well and was sent home that really is a step in the right direction and helps others know there is hope.

    1. Totally agree, Dena. The patient who got better gives us hope.

      And it is good to see people coming together to help each other. Since publishing this article, there has been many more stories of good deeds and heroism. I hope the world learns and become better from this experience.

  5. Thanks so much for this inspiring post. History is full of examples of human beings rising above their own fears and needs in order to help others. It’s just that we live in such divided times that sometimes we forget that in times of crisis we find “the best” in us and others. This post is an excellent reminder that in times of crisis our humanity binds us, giving us the will to do what is needed to help our fellow human beings who may be suffering.

    1. You’re welcome, Thabo. I truly believe that we are all good. Sometimes, people behave in a negative way only out of fear. With love and understanding, we can help them overcome that fear. I believe in a better world where everyone is happy, healthy, loves and be loved.

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