Drama Dog Pretends to Faint To Avoid Nail Trimming

Drama Dog Pretends to Faint To Avoid Nail Trimming

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This is the cutest thing I have seen in a while. I actually laughed out loud. So, definitely worth adding this to the Good News section here, right?

After this, I will add more fun and funny stuff in this section. After all, this is an area of this website where you can read and watch all the good things that happen in this world. And that includes moments in life that makes us giggle, chuckle or laugh. Don’t you agree?

Drama Dog Pretends to Faint To Avoid Nail Trimming – The Video

This video is making its round in social media and the news. When it is time to get her nails trimmed, the dramatic dog actually can fake a fainting spell. It’s hilarious! Give her an Oscar!

Take a break. Watch this video. It will make you feel better. Just like it did for me.

Do Dogs Really Faint?

woman fainting
woman fainting

Fainting is also known as syncope. Usually, this is caused by not having enough blood flow to the brain. It can happen to people. But is actually not common in dogs.

For example, when a dog gets frightened, they do not usually faint. Unlike us humans, some of us can get so scared that we collapse from fright due to panic attacks or hyperventilation, etc.

At the same time, it is not that dogs cannot faint. It happens only when the doggy is not well. Seizures and abnormal brain activities can cause it. Cardiac problems can be the culprit too.

So, if your fur friend has fainted. Really fainted. Not like our drama queen in the video. Then it is best to quickly bring him or her to the vet.

All said, the reason why it is clear that the cute doggy in the video did not really faint is because at the end of the video, you can see the mischievous little thing with her eyes open and checking out if her ruse has worked. So funny!

How Are Dogs Able To Act So Dramatic?

In other words, a Drama Queen. hahaha

PETA shared that it is possible for dogs to be dramatic. They are known as Reactive Dogs. According to PETA, these cute canines behave like human drama queens. That is, in the sense that they respond to outside stimuli in an overly emotional way.

If your fur friend is one that tends to behave dramatically, then it is best to provide a quiet and calm environment. Also, do not feed the drama. 

One thing about drama queens is that they like the attention. It is same with these drama dogs. The only way to wean them out of such behavior is to not give them the attention.

You can attend to them if you are concerned that they may be hurt. But do not scream or panic. Getting all worked up gives them what they want, and they will continue to behave in such manner.

So, stay calm and simply attend to your doggy friend in case there are any injuries due to the ‘fainting’.

More Funny Videos of Dogs in Action

I love watching funny videos. And love them even more when they are funny animal videos. Do you like them too? Here is another video of doggies reacting to a nail clipping session. Do watch. It is very funny!

Update: Unfortunately, the video is now unavailable

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10 thoughts on “Drama Dog Pretends to Faint To Avoid Nail Trimming”

  1. Great article Timotheus animals are smarter than most realize. We don’t give them enough credit they can outsmart us at times. I have found out with training they will go far beyond what humans will do. I like this post dogs need more attention and love.

  2. Great article, my childhood dog would limp if he didn’t want to go for a walk. Dogs are so much smarter than we believe. Thanks for making me smile… MrJimish

    1. You’re welcome! This is what this website is all about – for people to come here, enjoy the articles, feel good and smile (or even laugh).

      Your childhood dog sounds funny too! haha Pretending to limp so that he does not have to go for a walk. Hilarious! 😀

  3. Great idea for website, Tim. I think good news is needed to give perspective to the sometimes stressful times we live in. Dogs have long been a source of joy for many people. It’s nice to know that sometimes they are more like us than we realize. Thanks for sharing this fun post.

    1. Thanks Thabo! Glad you like the idea of this website. I totally agree with you that all of us need more good news today.

      And yes, dogs are such joy! This one in particular is hilarious! You can tell the people filming this knows how funny this dog is, and they enjoy watching the drama of the pretend fainting. haha

  4. I really do enjoy your articles here, and I am a big lover of dogs so this article was just a perfect pep-me-up and make my day.

    This truly was a great article! Dogs always make me laugh, it is way too funny to see the dog pretend to faint while getting their toenails clipped. True drama queen for sure.

  5. Very funny! My own dog of a similar breed actually cries and screeches like she is dying when having her nails clipped. She will have actual tears. It is very sad. But after she is fine and runs around happy. This put a smile on my face this morning!

    1. Oh my! You have a drama queen too! hahaha I am glad she is all right after her nails are clipped.

      Glad to bring joy to you in the morning. This is what this website is all about. For people to come here, and be happy. I am encouraged to share more good news. 🙂

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