South Korean Dog Meat and Puppy Mill Farm Closed For Good

South Korean Dog Meat and Puppy Mill Farm Closed For Good

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When I came across this story about a South Korea Dog Near and Puppy Mill Farm Closed For Good, I was shocked. To know that a place like this existed was a reminder to me that there is so much more to do to help bring more good to this world. The Good News is this story has created more awareness of the plight of our fur friends.

Dogs are sentient beings. And they have proven that they are loyal and give us unconditional love. Some can even make us laugh.

As such, the existence of these farms are a horrible thing. Thankfully, today’s story has a good ending.

Videos of South Korean Dog Meat and Puppy Mill Farms Shut Down.

Dog Meat Farm in South Korea Demolished

For a more positive note, the following videos feature dogs that have been rescued from these farms. Enjoy seeing their happy faces.

Dogs rescued from our 14th meat farm closure in South Korea!

57 Dogs Rescued from South Korea Dog Meat Farm

What is a Puppy Mill Farm?

When I was a young boy, I would dream of having a puppy as a friend. I would imagine how it felt to have a cute little adoring face looking at me, and me hugging that cutie. And I would imagine all the fun times we would have playing all kinds of games.

I was young and naive. And had not heard about puppy mill farms. My Mom bought me a puppy, a cute little Pomeranian, from a pet store. And today, looking back, I hope he was lovingly bred from responsible human parents.

Since then, I had learned about puppy mill farms. And I have grown to be against the idea of dogs being bred in a facility where their health and well being are ignored. And the main goal is to keep overheads low and profits high.

My last fur friend was from a responsible breeder, who does it at their home. Their fur grown children only breeds once a year (if at all), and they live in a loving home where they have the best care.

Getting back to the main topic, I would like to highlight that the focus of such places is on quantity and not quality. That is to breed as many puppies as possible for money. Female dogs are bred when young and continually bred till they die. Plus, the dogs are kept in small spaces and not allowed to be out of these cages to have some healthy activity.

The dogs do not get any love. The environment is unsanitary. And most suffer injuries and diseases that are left untreated.

If you have the time, please do watch the documentary below about puppy mills, to learn what they are, and why we should not support this.

The Shocking Truth About Puppy Mills

If you have just a bit of time today, then please at least watch this video below about puppy mills.

What is a Puppy Mill?

At this point, if you can, please share this article to create awareness of puppy mills. Let’s adopt rather than buy our next pet friend. Or at least get a new fur friend from a responsible breeder who really loves and cares for the dogs.

What is a Dog Meat Farm?

As if puppy mills are not bad enough, some of these are (or maybe even most of these) are also dog meat farms. And these dog meat farms exist in many parts of the world. The story today focuses on a dog meat farm that is in South Korea.

* Warning – The following video may be inappropriate for some viewers. There is an age restriction for the video. If you are an adult, kindly make sure that you do not have any children watching this with you.

Exploring South Korea’s Dog Meat Industry

Most of the dog farms in South Korea are in Gimpo. It is also known as ‘dog meat valley’. This name came about because there are a large number of dog meat farms there.

Where is South Korea?

South Korea is officially known as the Republic of Korea. It is located at the southern part of the Korean peninsula. Seoul is the capital of South Korea. It is currently (at this time of this article), the fourth largest metropolitan economy in the world.

Why is Eating Dog Meat Still Practiced in South Korea?

I wondered why this is so? That a country as advanced as South Korea would still consume dog meat? So I did some research, and this is what I found out.

South Korea had a long history of eating dog meat, beginning as far back as the first century A.D., the time of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. In the past, during lean times, the people turned to dog meat to get protein in their diet.

So, this is a practice more by the older generation. But sadly, even those from generations after join in this practice. This is because they believe that dog meat has many benefits such as improved vitality and health.

* Warning! – If you ever visit South Korea, and your host or guide offers you Bosintang, be aware that this is the common dog meat dish there. Do not accept or eat this food!

In recent times, eating dog meat has been a concern with animal rights groups. One of these groups, the Humane Society International, has been very active in shutting down dog meat farms.

Who is Humane Society International?

Humane Society International is the international division of The Humane Society of the United States. It was founded in 1991. The organization has since expanded its activities into Central and South America, Africa and Asia.

It is one of the only international animal protection organizations in the world. The organization and the team work very hard to protect all animals. This includes animals in the farms, wildlife, companion animals, and those in the laboratories.

They are very dedicated to this cause, and their efforts have been proven to be effective.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Humane Society International.

Get To Know Humane Society International

If you ever feel the need for a dog as a companion and friend, I highly recommend that you adopt one. Research for organizations around your location that offer dogs for adoption. Alternatively, if you decide to buy a fur friend, then please get one from a responsible breeder who loves and cares for their dogs.

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10 thoughts on “South Korean Dog Meat and Puppy Mill Farm Closed For Good”

  1. It is great news that they are shutting these places down and giving these poor dogs a chance to live a more normal life. I cannot believe the inhumane ways that people treat these wonderful, loyal animals. Dogs should never be about profit, instead they should live as loving and nurturing companions, with all the love and compassion they deserve in return. It turns my stomach just thinking about how cruel people can really be. The HSI and ASPCA are out there doing great work and I totally support their work. Let’s all join forces with them and put an end to animal cruelty!

    1. Yes, I too cannot believe there can be such cruelty in this world. Once, I was touring certain areas in China. It was with a tour group. And at one particular meal, there were hushed rumors that they were serving dog meat. I was appalled, and I told everyone that I will not eat any of the food there. No more tour groups for me!

      I totally agree with you. We must support HSI and ASPCA for all their great work. I wonder if I can raise money to donate to them, and how can I do it? Any ideas?

  2. This is so sad! It’s amazing what people will do for a buck. Thank goodness they are shutting these places down, but you have to wonder of those how many will not be found. Thank you for sharing this very controversial article. I am an avid dog lover, so this is really painful.


    1. Sorry to cause any sadness. This is not what this website is all about or intended. But this article is about Good News. And though what happened was sad, it ended well for the dogs. So, that’s why I thought it is all right to share this.

      I too love all animals. And it was very painful for me to watch all the videos too. But I am sharing also because I would like to create awareness. Hence, the tip not to eat the South Korean dish Bosintang, if you ever come across it.

      Thank you for visiting and reading this article. Please join my mailing list to receive more Good News updates.

  3. Puppy mills has been a major problem everywhere, people in the USA breed these puppies for money but don’t take good care of the dogs and puppies. I would like to know your thoughts why do some Asian’s breed dogs like cattle just to eat them?

    I can’t imagine eating my new puppy


    1. Yes, puppy mills are a problem. That is why organizations like Humane Society International are here to help.

      In the article, I mentioned that the practice of eating dog meat started during the ancient times in South Korea. This was because back then, it was mostly an agricultural society. When famine strikes, or harvest is poor, the people turned to dogs for their source of protein. The same goes for many Asian cities like those in China.

      Also, we must consider that the mentality of people back in those days was different. They viewed all animals as livestock.

      Thankfully, today we have evolved. Society has evolved too. And we are learning to love our dogs and other fur friends. Not everyone though. Some are still clinging on to old beliefs and practices. Hence, the need for organizations like Humane Society International, and articles like this to raise awareness.

  4. Hello Tim,
    When I was a young student studying ‘World History”, one of my favorite teachers would constantly remind us that for evil to flourish it needed good people to do nothing. I’m so glad that the good people of HSI and ASPCA are taking action to make sure that these places are shut down and that these dogs have, as Dena says, “a chance to live a more normal life.” Good people like yourself and responsible dog owners like Dena make the fight to bring dignity and justice to our fur friends that much easier. Congrats to both of you, and thanks for sharing this needed news.

    1. Thank you Thabo. I am humbled and honored by your kind words.

      I like what your teacher said. It is so true. Hence, my creation of this website. Not only to share good news but to also create awareness of certain issues in this world. Of course, the best is the issues are concluded with Good News.

      HSI and ASPCA are doing an excellent job of saving our fur friends. I have been thinking of supporting them by setting up a donation drive to collect funds for them. Do you know of how I can do this online?

  5. Wow! I love it when horrors like these come to an end! Even if someone is planning on eating dog meat, the animal should live its life with dignity, like cows and chickens. You don’t want pets or livestock to be miserable; there’s no excuse for it. I’ve purchased animals from breeders before. I always got to go into their house, meet the parents, and see how the tiny pup or kitten was bred and raised.
    Thank you for bringing this news to our attention!

    1. You are so right, Cathy. One of the issues of these dog meat and puppy mill farms is the lack of care for the fur friends. They should be given love and live in a healthy and happy environment.

      The way you purchase animals from breeders is really good. Everyone should do that. That is what I did too before I had my late pet, Perdita. I visited her parents’ owners. Observed their home, living conditions and how they were treated. I asked a lot of questions. They were happy to answer as they could tell Perdita would go to a good home.

      It is hoped that this article gains more viewers and as such increase awareness of this matter.

      Please join my mailing list to receive Good News updates. 🙂

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