Envigreen Carrier Bags that are 100% Edible and Biodegradable

Envigreen Carrier Bags that are 100% Edible and Biodegradable

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A couple of weeks ago, I was in Bali. My friend and I needed some drinks and snacks. So, we visited a convenience store. At the payment counter, after we paid for the items we chose, we asked for plastic bags to help carry our stash back to the villa where we were staying at. To our pleasant surprise, the staff informed us that they do not provide plastic bags. And offered a choice to buy recycle bag.

In Bali, plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic cups, and many more one-time use plastic items were no longer provided. This is a wonderful example to the rest of the world. But would have been so much better if they provided Envigreen Carrier Bags that are 100% Edible and Biodegradable.

What am I talking about? Read on or watch the videos to find out.

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What Are EnviGreen Carrier Bags?

A startup owned by a man named Ashwath Hegde from Mangalore has created an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. These are carrier bags that are biodegradable and edible!

Yes, you heard it right! Edible! It is made of ingredients that are so good that even he has eaten it.

Not only humans can eat the bags, but also animals. When ingested by animals, there will be no harm caused. This is good news! This means no more animal suffering should they accidentally consume this bag.

Here is a TedTalk video where Ashwath Hegde talks about the Envigreen bags. Amazing story of his green entrepreneurship journey, and how he created and introduced the edible and biodegradable bags to the world. He actually shows one of the bag dissolving in water!

And here is the product video by Envigreen. Shows the edible ingredients, dissolving one of the bags in water, and how the bag will biodegrade. Awesome!

What Is The EnviGreen Carrier Bag Made Of?

So why is this bag edible? What is it made of that humans and animals can eat it without harm?

First of all, the bags really look like plastic bags. The difference is they are made of organic material such as natural starch, vegetable oil derivatives, banana, potato, tapioca, corn, and flower oil. See? All edible stuff.

Plus, the manufacturing process is very different from that of plastic, cloth or paper bags. There are no chemicals used at all. Even paint on bags are natural and organic. Isn’t modern technology amazing?

When placed in a glass of water at room temperature, the bag will dissolve within a day. Add it to boiling water and it is gone within 15 seconds! And when left in the open, as most plastic bags will end up eventually, they will naturally degrade in less than 180 days.

Isn’t all this awesome?!

Are The EnviGreen Carrier Bag Officially Approved?

Yes, they are. But for now, it is only approved by The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB). This is because the product was invented and produced in the Middle East and India. The KSPCB conducted various tests on the naturally made product, and found no issues.

A member of Hegde’s team also mentioned to the Times of India that “The bags have been boiled and burnt, and been tested for strength. All the organizations have given them a green signal.”

Where Can You Get an EnviGreen Carrier Bag?

As of the time of writing this piece of good news, as far as my research showed, there are only limited places where you can buy these bags. They are currently only available in Qatar, Abu Dhabi and certain parts of India (as of the time of this report).

It is hoped that this article can create more awareness of the availability of such a bag, and it can be made more available all over the world soon. Or at least the same type of product as this bag to be available to the rest of the world.

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6 thoughts on “Envigreen Carrier Bags that are 100% Edible and Biodegradable”

  1. These biodegradable bags are great news and should prove to help the world move toward a more green environment. We always try to do our part by taking our cloth bags and insulated bags to the store when we go for groceries. When we do end up with plastic bags we either try to recycle them or reuse them in some way before going to the landfill. My question with these new biodegradable bags is what happens when you are caught in a rainstorm? Do they keep their strength in order to get your groceries in the house or do you have to be careful not to get them wet? Either way I think they would be a great contribution to the environmental needs of today.

    1. It is indeed great news, Dena. I will look out for more eco-friendly products like this, and share them here.

      It is very good that your do your part at going green. In my home, we do get plastic bags and we recycle them as trash bags. Now, I do hope that bags like Envigreen will be available here. So that we can continue to recycle and yet have them biodegrade after use.

      The bags do not dissolve so quickly in water at room temperature. So in a rainstorm it will still keep its strength. It is only in boiling water that the bags dissolve within 15 minutes. Or almost instantly as you can see in the videos. Hope this assures you and all readers how good this product is?

  2. Oh my goodness! These bags are awesome! They should be available all over the world. It’s amazing that a man was able to come up with this concept. If only more people would spend time trying to help the world, what a wonderful place it would be! Thank you for posting this wonderful article. 🙂

    1. Totally agree with you Cathy. Yes, it would be a truly wonderful place.
      I too hope more products like this can be created. Previously I shared about solar panels that are like glass. That is another awesome product that can help the world too. Do check out and read that share.
      And if you like to receive good news regularly, please join my mailing list to receive updates whenever I publish new articles. 🙂

  3. Before reading this post, I never knew about these biodegradable bags. I think this is great news. The creation of these bags has the potential to reverse the damage that non-biodergradable plastic is doing to the environment. This is something that we should all be happy about. Thanks so much for sharing this good news.

    1. So happy that this post has made you aware of these bags, Thabo. This is what I hope to achieve – to have more people aware and we can make a conscious choice to use these bags.

      Totally agree with you that this can help the environment. And this is truly something we should all be happy about. 🙂

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