Meditation Can Be In Everything You Do

Meditation Can Be In Everything You Do

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Hi Everyone! In previous blog posts, I wrote about Mindfulness Meditation. Also, in the past I had an amazing spiritual experience. I learned about how Meditation Can Be In Everything You Do.

Meditation can help you have these spiritual experiences. If you like to practice meditation, I have articles on my website that teach you how. Also, I have blog posts about Flowing Love Meditation.

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Watch: Meditation Can Be In Everything You Do

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Walk With An Angel

It was the year 2000. The company I worked for was located at an industrial park some distance away from the nearest MRT station. Every morning I would walk through a barren grassland from the MRT station to the place of work.

That particular morning, as I made my way slowly to the office, an Angel joined me for the stroll. He suggested a kind of walking meditation. As I walked, he guided me on how to feel each and every part of my body working together, to create the experience of walking.

It was an amazing experience to be totally aware of every part of your body as you walk. He then suggested that I extend that awareness, that ‘sensing’ outwards to the grassland all around me. When I did that, I could sense there were storks to the left side of me. They were grazing in the barren field.

I looked, and true enough there were a few storks there. I continued to sense everywhere, and then I sensed someone making his way quietly behind me. And I could hear his thoughts. He was trying his hardest not to be heard or detected by me. He was trying to sneak up on me. He was about 100m behind me.

All this I could sense and see, without the need to turn back and look.

I took a deep breath as I pretended not to know. And just kept sensing all around me. Just when the person almost reached me, I quickly turned around and greeted him.

Even before I turned, I knew who he was. And before I turned, I even called him out by his name.

You should have seen his face when I turned around and said “Good morning ex-colleague’s-name”. All he could mutter was, “How did you know I was behind you?”

I just smiled. He was very surprised. There was no way I could have known it was him, without turning around.

Like I mentioned earlier, we were walking through a barren piece of land. There was no reflective surface anywhere nearby. And I was always facing forward, and never looked back once.

How to Meditate in Everything You Do?

Later that evening, I shared this same experience with my friends at the Kryon forum. And I wrote something titled ‘Meditation Can Be In Everything You Do’.

I shared with the group of like-minded souls. One of them submitted the writing to one of the coordinators for Kryon publishing. Next thing I knew … it got printed and shared on the Kryon newsletter.

Today, I’d like to share both the wonderful experience and what I had written.

Meditation Can Be In Everything You Do
It can be when you are walking from your home to the bus stop.
Can be when you are sitting on a seat in the train on your way to work.
Can be when you are eating.
Can be when you are washing your face.
Can be in everything you do.

Practise walking with full Being-ness at walking.
Feel the ground beneath as your feet touch it with every step you take.
Feel how the ground feels against your feet as you balance at your heel,
the ball of your feet and even to your toes.
Feel how your shins and calves move and adjust while balancing your full body weight during walking.
Feel how your knees twist ever so slightly as they take your body weight while walking.
Feel how your thighs contract and relax as you place one leg in front of the other.


Feel each and every part of your body working together to enable your body to walk.

As you wash your face,
look at the face in the mirror.
Feel how the water splashes on the skin of your face.
Feel how each part of your face feels as the water touches each part gradually.
Feel how the water feels in your hands as you gather it in the cup of your palms.
And feel how this refreshing washing awakens each and every cell of the rest of your body.

I am still practicing.
And I like it.
In truth, I LOVE it.

I Love the way this Meditation In Everything I Do teaches me of Being-ness.

I Love the way this Meditation In Everything I Do gives me every moment to Live!

I Love the way this Meditation In Everything I Do integrates All of Me and Us in everything I do.

I am not perfect in this yet.
But practice makes perfect.

Most times, I even forget.
But when I do, I take note and immediately create CHANGE.

by Timotheus
published in Kryon MM (Marshmallow Messages), April 20 2000 11:41 Thursday


Flowing Love Meditation Transcript

If you prefer to read the transcript, I have it available on another blog post. Click on the image below to go read the details of the Flowing Love Meditation.

Flowing Love Meditation, Followed by 1 Hour Meditate in Silence
Flowing Love Meditation, Followed by 1 Hour Meditate in Silence

Final Thoughts – Meditation Can Be In Everything You Do

As you can see, you can really be a meditative state at any time by meditating when doing anything you do.

Meditation can bring about many benefits, such as good health. It can also give you wonderful spiritual experiences.

If you like to meditate, you can read my Flowing Love Meditation blog post. There is a video that you can watch and be guided on meditation.

What do you think of this blog post? Would you try to meditate in everything you do? Or you already have? Share your thoughts and experiences with me in the comments below.

I will share more about meditation in future videos and blog posts. So, remember to join the Flowing Love Meditation community, and get updates whenever I publish a new video or blog post.

If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned here in this blog post, ANY at all, please feel free to ask by adding a comment in the comment box below. I will be more than happy to help.

I wish you good health, wealth and love.

Flowing Love Meditation for Inner Peace and Well-Being

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