Absolutely Free Psychic Reading for a Friend

Absolutely Free Psychic Reading for a Friend

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Hi Everyone. Meditation has helped me rediscover my psychic abilities. I mentioned before that my psychometric ability came back after I had a spiritual reawakening.

After that, more psychic abilities were reawakened, too. And my friends know about that.

For example, one of my friends contacted me years ago, and he asked me to do a psychic reading for him. I wrote about this in my old blog, on my previous website. Today, I share with you that story, about the time I gave an Absolutely Free Psychic Reading for a Friend.

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Let’s go straight into the story. I will add the old blog post as it was.

— start of old blog post – Psychic Reading for My Friend —

It was around 10:15am this morning when I first received the call from my dear friend, JLo. His voice sounded urgent, frustrated.

He had been posted to one of the loneliest places on Earth – Tibet. The project he had been working on is close to completion, and he was wondering what lies in the future for him.

And this is where I come in.

I have a gift. Well, I have quite a few. And one of them is precognition.

Some call it intuitive counseling. Some call it clairvoyance. To me, it was something that frightened my relatives, created problems at school for me, and made me a loner from my late teens till even now.

Thing is, I have never felt compelled to develop any of my gifts. But events in my life for the past years have slowly, gently moved me to do so.

For example, about a month ago, I had the good fortune to meet a world renowned intuitive counsellor. She was good at what she did. She took one look at me and knew I had this gift too.

During the week she was in Singapore, she tutored me, guided me and gave me strength and courage to use my gifts. For this, I am eternally grateful.

Back to JLo …

He called me from Tibet, just to chat. He had asked me to do a reading for him via email the past weeks. And I thought ‘since we’re on the phone, why not do the reading for him now?’

I made the suggestion. With the added encouragement that :

1) I can do it better over the phone because I can feel and sense his energy better and

2) I’d like to practise the material the intuitive counsellor taught me.

JLo agreed.

It was a little awkward at first. I had to guide JLo on how to phrase questions carefully and clearly.

See, most people ask questions in such a generic tone that when the psychic tries to sense the answer, it comes back too vague, unclear – just like the question.

So after a few attempts at phrasing the questions, JLo managed to ask specific ones. Then something truly amazing happened!

I was receiving answers in short phrases initially. Before I knew it, I saw JLo’s father who had passed on when JLo was in his late teens. The answers were coming from JLo’s father.

One problem with me is that I tend to censor or even doubt what I see or hear. Yes, psychics can be the worst critics of themselves, and do concern themselves if they are imagining what they see or hear. I was almost about to doubt when I remembered the intuitive counsellor/mentor’s teaching – to just do it.

I did just that.

And the words could not stop flowing.

I informed JLo that his Dad is by his side. I saw his Dad standing by his left shoulder.

His Dad wanted him to know that he is always by JLo’s side, ready to help his son whenever called or needed. JLo’s father asked his son where he would like to be posted to for his next job, a more permanent posting?

JLo asked for Paris. JLo’s father answered that Paris is not quite suitable for JLo. His father offered to re-locate JLo to New York if that is alright with JLo?

JLo was stunned! He shared that though he wished to be in Paris, he had always wanted to be in New York. So he agreed.

JLo’s father said he will work on it for JLo. JLo’s father said something that made me hesitate again. He wanted me to tell JLo that while he was alive, he had an affair with a Taiwanese woman. And he had a son with that woman. He told me that this would be proof to JLo.

With a deep breath, I conveyed the entire piece to JLo.

JLo was a little silent.

Then he thanked me.

He told me he had suspected that ever since his father passed on. A few days (or weeks?) after his father passed away, there was a letter from a woman in Taiwan. JLo told me nothing else.

I mentioned to JLo that this was his father’s way of proving that the messages are really from him. And to also say to his son that he is sorry.

Then I started seeing images. They were images of JLo at another location – JLo was standing as if posing for a photo, wrapped in clothes to keep him warm from extreme cold, standing in front of a large body of water.

I heard the words ‘Switzerland’.

I asked JLo if there is a European branch of the organization he is with that is located at a place where there is a large body of water. JLo answered ‘Geneva’.

And I was cautious ‘Geneva is in Switzerland, right?’ JLo affirmed that.

I proceeded to inform JLo that his father suggested for JLo to re-locate to Geneva, Switzerland too. He now has 2 choices.

JLo was thrilled!

He shared that it would be excellent if he could be in Geneva. And excitedly told me that right before him is a name card of someone who worked in the Geneva branch!!!

We were both overwhelmed by all that was happening. JLo’s father suggested to JLo to write to that person. And gave instructions on how to send the email such that JLo’s father can work on it for JLo.

JLo (you know who you are, even though I gave you a fictitious name here … remember your Dad’s instructions … they are very important).

JLo’s father again gave another affirmation. JLo’s father mentioned for JLo to tell his mother that it is ok she sold the jewellry.

JLo said he knew about his mother selling jewelry, nothing unusual. JLo’s father said that he was referring to those that had sentimental value to JLo’s mother. JLo’s father wanted JLo to tell his mother that it is ok, that it did not matter if those were sold too.

Before the call ended, JLo’s father wanted JLo to know that he is always by his side. That he will always be around to help JLo. All JLo’s got to do is ask.

To speak to his father and ask. His father will make things happen for him, and help him clear obstacles.

With that, the reading came to an end. And I was feeling warm all over.
JLo thanked me. I thanked him for allowing me this opportunity.

Later, JLo wrote an email to thank me again. And mentioned that he has a strange sense of calm and peace now.

I am glad, my friend. My dearest friend.


— end of old blog post – Psychic Reading for My Friend —

Absolutely Free Psychic Reading for a Friend

Final Thoughts by Timotheus Lee

That happened many years ago. As I said before, I wrote a blog post about it on an old website. Today, I decided to add this to the Flowing Love Meditation website and YouTube channel.

As we close this blog post, I would like to share my thoughts about psychic readings. From what I learned and experienced, it is best to do it without censoring the images, visions or messages you receive.

It will take experience. And, over time, you will learn how to put aside your ego and own thoughts. As such, you will be able to receive clear and accurate messages.

I will think of a video to teach you more about this. So, if you like to read a blog post about this, or watch that video, add a comment to tell me if you like to learn about how to develop intuitive abilities.

Tip to Develop Your Intuition

If you like to develop your intuition, then I recommend practicing the Flowing Love Meditation regularly. I found that by practicing it regularly, it helped me with my psychic abililites.

I will be sharing more about spiritual experiences, meditation and meditation related topics in future videos and blog posts. Remember to join the Flowing Love Meditation community to be updated whenever I publish a new video or blog post.

I wish you good health, wealth and love.

Flowing Love Meditation for Inner Peace and Well-Being

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