What is Meditation? - A Brief Introduction

What is Meditation? – A Brief Introduction

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Those who have been following my website and YouTube channel know that I’ve been talking about meditation and meditation related topics, such as good health, manifestation, and so on. In fact, one of the main focus on this website and the YouTube channel is the Flowing Love Meditation and practicing it.

Today, I decided to go back to the basics and discuss What is Meditation – A Brief Introduction? You’d be surprised by some questions asked in my meditation classes and sessions. Many seem to be unsure what it is. Some think it is a form of hypnosis. Some even think it is a way for the devil to take over the body.

So, to help everyone, I decided to do this video and blog post. I will also be producing many other videos blog posts about the basics of meditation. Remember to join the Flowing Love Meditation community to get updates.

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Watch: What is Meditation? – A Brief Introduction

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How I Started and Stopped Meditating?

I have meditated since I was a child. Buy back then, I didn’t know it was called meditation. I only found out later in life. Allow me to explain what happened.

I could, and still can till today, see energies, including my Spirit Guides. When I was a young boy, my Spirit Guide would come to me, and would teach me many things. One of which was meditation.

But back then, as a young boy, I did not know it was called meditation. I just thought it was a nice and fun game my Spirit Guide and I played.

Then something happened, and I had a spiritual shutdown. I shared about this in my video about my reawakening. If you are interested in what happened to me and about the spiritual reawakening, you can click on the image below for more about this.

The Reawakening | Episode 1 | My Spiritual Journey
The Reawakening | Episode 1 | My Spiritual Journey
Click image above to read about it

After the shutdown, I went about what would be considered a normal life. But it was like an empty life. Without the spiritual part of me I became quiet, withdrawn and a loner.

How I Restarted Meditation?

Then in the 90s, as mentioned in my spiritual reawakening story, I attended a meditation course. It was conducted by a doctor who was a meditation master. His name is Dr KK Tan.

And back then, he was very well known as a meditation master. Many people attended his meditation courses, and listened to his meditation lessons. The course I attended had a few hundred attendees.

During that first class, I experienced a wonderful meditation. I saw images of myself as a young boy and my Spirit Guides teaching me many things, including how to meditate. I remembered!

Ever since then, I’ve continued practicing meditation. I’ve also taught people how to meditate in classes and workshops. Today, I share my meditation knowledge and experience with you. And I hope you enjoy it.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice. It is an exercise of the mind such that we reach a penultimate state of stillness and silence.

When you meditate, you are conscious and aware of what is happening. That is, you are meditating.

You are in full control of the situation. Unlike when a person is in a trance or under the influence of hypnosis where the person is not in control or even unaware.

When you meditate, you are completely aware of everything throughout your meditation journey.

When you achieve the point of complete stillness and silence, you experience transformation. This is the transformation of your character. And in this pure awareness of stillness and silence, insight and wisdom can come to you.

What is Meditation? – A Brief Introduction

Final Thoughts by Timotheus Lee

If you are new to meditation, I am very happy and grateful that you are here to learn more about it in this blog post. I hope you found this blog post helpful?

If you are already practicing meditation, I hope this is a nice revision for you. And also, I hope you enjoyed my story about how I started and restarted meditating.

Whether you are new or experienced to meditation, if you have any questions, please send them to me. You can write your questions as comments to this blog post.

I will be creating more videos and blog posts about meditation and meditation related topics. Please join the Flowing Love Meditation community to get updates.

I wish you good health, wealth and love.

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