What are the 12 Benefits You Gain When You Meditate?

What are the 12 Benefits You Gain When You Meditate?

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Hi Everyone! Today, I share with you What are the 12 Benefits You Gain When You Meditate? As you practice meditation, you will enjoy many benefits.

One of them is that you can attain peace of mind. Another is that you will find it helps you relieve stress.

Let me share with you the many more benefits in this blog post.

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#1 Relief from Insomnia

Many of us face stress in our lives on a daily basis. It can be stress from financial issues, from work problems, or even from friction in a relationship. All this stress can cause a person to lose sleep.

Meditation can help you to relieve insomnia. It has been observed that meditation can affect the root causes of insomnia. Thereby, eliminating the symptoms. And resulting in restful sleep.

What Are The Benefits of Meditation? - Sleep Better
What Are The Benefits of Meditation? – Sleep Better

In one of my meditation classes, I had a student who had insomnia. When she first joined my class I did not know she suffered from that. After the first session, she came back the next time, very happy to informed me that she sleep all through the night for the first time in months.

She was having insomnia because of stress from work. From that day on, she no longer suffered from insomnia. She slept well. And she attended my meditation classes diligently. She said it has helped her get good sleep ever since.

A single meditation session can be equivalent to full night sleep

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#2 Be More Relaxed

As you practice meditation more and more, you will find that you are able to be more relaxed. This is because when you are meditating, you practice focusing on a single thought, such as your breath.

In doing so, you practice to not let thoughts of the day’s activities interrupt your focus. You also practice to not let anything that is happening around you, or outside the meditation room, affect that focus.

Be More Relaxed with Meditation
Be More Relaxed with Meditation

You are striving for stillness and silence. And you work hard to keep focused on one thought to reach that goal.

And in doing so, you have actually practiced to not let anything outside of you affect your inner peace. This continual practice brings much peace. And you will find yourself more relaxed.

#3 Better Focus

As mentioned above, you will practice hard at focusing when you meditate. Eventually, you will find that you will be able to focus on one thing at a time very well.

When you need to, you can focus on a task or a conversation or anything. And your focus is so sharp that nothing can distract you. As a result, you will find that you will be able to absorb information easily, and have a much better memory, too.

Meditation Can Help You Be More Focused
Meditation Can Help You Be More Focused

I did my master degree in my mid 40s. When I embarked on this further education, I was concerned that I would have a hard time because of my age. I was worried that I may not have as good a memory as the younger students in my class.

To my delight, I found that I was able to absorb all the lessons easily. And my memory was really good. I did very well in my project assignments and exams. I graduated top of the cohort with first class honors.

This is my personal experience with meditation and one of its really wonderful benefits. I attribute my ability to learn easily and better memory to my meditation practice.

#4 Reduce Stress

Here is one of the best benefits of meditation for you. It can reduce the level of stress for you.

If you continue to get stressed, you can suffer many physiological problems such as ulcers and even heart attack. Continuous stress also can weaken your immune system. As a result, any disease can affect your body easily.

With meditation, you can get rid of the stress the natural way. No medication required. Plus, it brings peace and harmony into your life.

#5 Improves Health

I have found that meditation can strengthen your immune system. As such, your resistance is stronger.

When others fall ill, you may find yourself able to resist the germs or virus. As such, you do not fall ill easily. This is due to the increased immunity developed from your daily meditation practice.

Some studies have also found that meditation can help cancer to go into remission. Some scientists have found that people who meditate are able to eradicate malignant cells as they arise.

Meditation Can Improve Your Health
Meditation Can Improve Your Health

I have experienced good health ever since I meditated decades ago. In the past, I was quite a weak boy. I often fell ill. I was especially prone to the flu and cold.

After years of meditation, I have come to realize that I rarely fall ill now. When people around me have the flu or cold, I rarely catch it. My immunity has become stronger.

#6 Weight Loss

Some people eat because they are stressed. Or when they are busy, they tend to overeat.

Regular meditation can help with this desire for food. Some people even practiced guided meditation to help them overcome compulsive or excessive eating habits.

#7 Receive Healing

Empirical research has shown that meditation can help heal different psychological and physiological disorders. For example, it can help heal psychological trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, hypertension and insomnia.

It can also improve physiological processes. These include increasing strength, maintaining blood pressure, enhancing concentration, developing self confidence, and even help to reduce panic attacks.

Healing without Hands On
Energy healing

Everything is energy. There are energies that flow all around us, into us, and within us. When you meditate, you become more relaxed. In this relaxed state, you allow these healing energies to be a part of you.

This is why many spiritual teachers, monks and nuns have exhibited healing abilities. The healing energies flow through them, and help heal the sick.

And this is not an ability unique only to spiritual or holy people. You can do it too. The energies do not discriminate. They can flow through you, and as such you can help to heal people too.

This is why those who practice healing modalities such as Reiki, can heal.

#8 Lowers Blood Pressure

In this world today, many people are rushing around and juggling many things to do within the day. This has caused stress. And many times, it has raised blood pressures.

This can be dangerous as it can result in heart attacks.

Meditation can help to reduce stress. And lower blood pressure. As a result, the probability of a heart attack is reduced.

Meditation Has Many Benefits
Meditation Has Many Benefits

I too live in the physical world. And there was a time when I was caught up in the rat race. Eventually, my doctor discovered that I had high blood pressure.

He prescribed medication. It did not work for me. There were times I felt so sick and giddy that I could not even stand up, because of the medicine.

It was then that I decided not to take the medicine. Instead, I practiced meditation more. Due to my hectic work schedule and life, I had reduced, and on some days even stopped, my meditation practice.

I went back to my regular meditation practice. In fact, I meditated more. After a few months, my blood pressure normalized. Even till today, with regular meditation practice, my blood pressure is fine.

#9 Improves Self Esteem

In life, you will face many challenges. When a challenge is overwhelming, your self worth and confidence may take a hit. And your self esteem may be low.

Meditation helps you to develop patience. With patience, you will be able to tolerate any challenge that comes your way. As you manage, and even overcome, these challenges, your self worth and confidence increases. As such, you will have good self esteem.

#10 Improves Character

This is one of the main goals of meditation. To improve your character. To be a better human being.

Everyone has the potential to transform into a better personality. With meditation, you will be friendlier and have a more attractive personality.

As you become more patient, you will allow more time for others. You will also become more tolerant.

With patience and calm, you can deal with emergencies, and not panic. You will also be more sensitive to other people’s moods and feelings. You will eventually become a more charismatic person.

#11 Improved Mental-Emotional State

If you have any of these – anxiety, neurosis, nervousness, depression, irritability, inadequacy – it has been found that after at least six months of meditation practice, these will be gone.

You will be calmer than before. As mentioned above, you will have a better self esteem. Plus, you will be able to solve problems better. This is because your mind is not as cluttered as before with unnecessary information.

As your thoughts are more orderly and organized, you will find your creativity and productivity improve.

#12 Spiritual Well-Being

Each of us has a spiritual side. I am not talking about being religious. Your spiritual side is the part of you that sees and connects beyond the physical realm.

Meditation improves this spiritual side of you.

You will develop compassion for all fellow human beings. You will have a greater capacity for unconditional love, too.

As your spiritual side is nourished by meditation, you will find an increased satisfaction at work, at home, at play, and anywhere. You develop this inner wholeness that fills you.

Life becomes more meaningful.

As your spiritual well-being increases, you will be able to let go.

With so many benefits to meditation, why not start practicing now?

Here is a meditation that I recommend. It is the Flowing Love Meditation. Click on the image below to read about this meditation. Plus, there is a guided Flowing Love Meditation video for you to listen, and follow the meditation as I guide you along.

Flowing Love Meditation with 10 Minutes Silent Meditation
Flowing Love Meditation with 10 Minutes Silent Meditation

What are the 12 Benefits You Gain When You Meditate?

Final Thoughts by Timotheus Lee

As you can see, there are many benefits to meditation. Here, I presented the 12 benefits of meditation. In fact, there are more than these. As such, I highly recommend that you start practicing meditation.

On this website, I have presented the Flowing Love Meditation. It is a guided meditation. It is very easy to do. There is even a video for you to watch. All you have to do is play the video, listen to my guidance, and you have practiced meditation.

And with regular practice, you will gain the many benefits of meditation. If you have any questions about What are the 12 Benefits You Gain When You Meditate, please add it as a comment to this blog post. I will be happy to answer and help you.

I will be sharing more about spiritual experiences, meditation and meditation related topics in future videos and blog posts. Remember to join the Flowing Love Meditation community to be updated whenever I publish a new video or blog post.

I wish you good health, wealth and love.

Flowing Love Meditation for Inner Peace and Well-Being

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